KEE Group USA Now Offers Customized Mirror Overlays That Are Suitable for Use in Every Season

KEE Group USA launches a new line of mirror overlays that are exclusively designed for automotive applications. These overlays can also be mirrored or personalized with creative graphics or attractive patterns.


Brea, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2015 -- Scratch Resistant Mirror Overlays By KEE Group USA

The newly introduced mirror overlays offer a protective cover to the mirrors and keep them shielded from scratches, dents, dust, dirt, and damage. These mirror overlays are a stylish way to improve the life of automotive mirrors while meeting personal preferences. They are available for every automotive model in a wide variety of colors, materials, and finishes to suit every taste. Mirror overlays by KEE Group USA are of the highest quality and keep the mirrors protected from contaminants, rust, moisture, and wear. These overlays are easy to clean, last long and need little or no maintenance. These mirror covers can also be used to hide the scratches on mirrors while matching them with the color and make of the vehicle. These decorative covers are equally functional and suit every motor vehicle be it sporty, commercial, or luxurious. Mirror Overlays At KEE Group USA is the best way to customize an automotive with an off-the-road look.

Explore Endless Design Options In Mirror Overlays At KEE Group USA

Mirror overlays by KEE Group USA can be made in different materials like polyester, vinyl, and polycarbonate in both glossy and matte finishes. Customers can choose from solid colors and gradations, textured surfaces, add chrome effects, and an anti-glare surface if required. These overlays are hard coated with an anti-microbial finish for an added protection. Fabric and plastic covers are not the right choice for a rugged use. Poly carbonate covers are equally ideal for all driving conditions including snowy climate, rainy weather, and hot road conditions. Available in a wide variety of patterns and colors, these overlays can be customized with any desired graphic or image. These covers significantly enhance the appeal of the vehicle and are available at affordable prices online at KEE Group USA's website. The company can be reached at 877-504-9169 or through the online contact form. Complete information about product specifications, material options, and features is also available online. Mirror Overlays - KEE Group USA are the right fit for every automotive.

About KEE Group USA
Based in California, KEE Group USA is a global manufacturer of functional switches and specializes in in-mold decoration. The company also produces custom mirror overlays, personalized emblems, and graphic overlays according to customer specifications.

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