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Keep Communication Open, Advises Carl Ceder to Young Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers

Attorney Carl Ceder has co-authored an article offering advice to young lawyers at TCDLA.


Plano, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/07/2014 -- Communication is an essential factor to help young lawyers instill confidence about them and their work among clients. This and a few other qualities such as honesty and discipline are essential for a young lawyer to inculcate in themselves, says Carl Ceder in an article he has co-authored with his fellow lawyers at the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.

Clients should be notified of any update or changes to a particular fact or situation. Similarly, correspondence from the opposing counsel should also be informed, besides sending a CC of all relevant mails to them.

"Facts particular to a legal situation should be explained honestly to the client. As lawyers, we should never ever guarantee an outcome without evaluating the facts," says lawyer Carl Ceder. He is a leading Texas based criminal defense lawyer specializing in personal injury, DWI and DUI. Clients prefer an honest assessment of their case. Not being open about the case may create disconnect between the client and his/her lawyer and could even lead to negative results.

He also advises them to be careful whilst choosing clients. "You do not have to agree to represent every client who walks through your door. Irrespective of your efforts and the outcome, some people are never pleased. Such individuals may even end up doing more harm than good to your reputation and should be avoided," he says.

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