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Keep the Roof Protected During Storm Season

Miami, FL – 09/05/2019 – Florida’s subtropical climate means there is always a risk of a storm making its way through a part of the state. Homeowners should take the time to examine their roofs during hurricane season.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2019 -- Regardless of the age of the roof, there are steps a homeowner can take that may lessen the damage of a storm or potentially prevent having to make an expensive roof replacement. For starters, take some time out at least twice a year to examine and clean gutters. Leaves should be removed as they will result in clogging. By not cleaning the gutters, damage may occur to sidings and walls.

While on the subject leaves, homeowners may wish to do a bit of tree trimming. In addition to cutting down on dead leaves and reducing the odds of a branch damaging the home, removal of overhanging reduces the chances of an animal like a possum getting into the roof. These animals are known for gnawing on pieces of the roof, which may cause damage or even leaks.

Be aware of any shingles that may have come loose or are missing. Consider using binoculars to spot for these shingles instead of climbing on the roof and creating a safety risk.

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