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Keeping Cravings at Bay


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2014 -- Food cravings. They happen to the most diligent calorie trackers, and the most dedicated healthy eaters. Everyone has cravings that every now and again need satisfied. While satisfying a craving is one thing, indulgence in one is another entirely. In order to keep on track and not give in to craving indulgences, here are some tips to fight junk food cravings.

Sometimes what causes the desire for junk food, or food in general, is boredom. In this case, if one finds themselves bored there are several solutions to that issue. Taking a walk outdoors if weather permits will not only cure boredom, but will give the body some exercise as well. But if weather is not favorable and the gym is not an option, playing a simple game such as Tetris or another puzzle game can be a distraction from cravings that will keep a person on track.

Another tip for fighting cravings is to utilize scents in order to distract the mind. Smelling jasmine or other non-food scents can actually decrease cravings 13 percent more than if a person were to inhale the scent of an apple or even water. Candles and diffusers can be used to disperse scents throughout the house and help fight cravings all throughout the day.

In addition to keeping the mind engaged, we need to keep the taste buds engaged as well. Eating the same or similar entrees day after day can actually increase cravings as a way of finding variety in the diet. To ensure this, make sure diets are balanced and full of a variety of tastes and textures to keep cravings satisfied and the body healthy and energized.

Keeping hydrated and being sure to remain active are other ways to fight cravings, but if a person finds they keep appearing it’s best to indulge a little bit to satisfy the minds desire. Once it’s satisfied, it may disappear entirely but if not these should keep one’s arsenal full of ideas to fight temptation and stay on track.

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