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Keeping Fruit and Vegetables Fresh: Tropicanna Horticulture Comments


Derby, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/15/2017 -- BT have recently released some tips on how to keep fruit and vegetables fresher for longer, these tips are meant to help people preserve their fruit and vegetables longer, which is incredibly useful considering it has now been said that people are supposed to be eating ten portions instead of five.

Tips on How to Keep Fruit and Vegetables Fresh:

To keep leaves crispy and fresh it has been said that people should cover the leaves with cling film and put some kitchen roll on and store in the fridge.

Keeping garlic and onions away from the sun has been said to help them last longer and keep fresh, BT suggested to keep them in a bamboo steamer, which keeps it cool and protects it from the sun.

Everyone know that washing berries is important but it has now been announced that people should only wash them as soon as they're about to eat them. However, freezing them can help if people plan on using them at a later date.

For spring onions, people should chop them up and freeze them in an empty water bottle.

To keep asparagus hydrated it has been said that placing them in a glass with some water and wrapping them in a paper towel can help.

To keep your carrots fresh it has been said to peel them and wrap them in foil and then place in the fridge.

A spokesperson from Tropicanna Horticulture was keen to comment saying, "We were very happy about these tips from BT, not only does it avoid waste and save money but it is also a great thing to know, especially if you're love your fruit and vegetables. Another way which you can get fresh fruit and vegetables all year-round is growing with hydroponics. Hydroponics fruit and vegetables often grow bigger than when grown in soil and they taste a whole lot better. For all your hydroponic needs please get in contact."

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