Keeping It All Together: How QuickBooks Repair Pro Brings Files in Chorus


Brandon, MB -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2019 -- There are different ways by which you can merge multiple company files in QuickBooks. It can be done through QuickBooks, a third-party application, or through Microsoft Excel.

There are a few things you would need to keep in mind prior to the merge, the chart of accounts with the files should be identical. Only accounts that have the same name and type in each report, they will be combined. There could be an issue with combining files if there are spelling differences or if account numbers are different. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise provides a built-in feature to merge company files and allows for combining balance sheet standards, statement of cash flows and balance sheet summary.

To combine multiple company data files, the chart of accounts in both files cannot have the same account name with different types. For example, if one company file has an account with name 'Accounts Receivable' of type Accounts Receivable, the second company cannot have an account name with the name 'Accounts Receivable' of another type. To resolve this issue, rename one of the accounts to 'Accounts Receivable1'.

A file merge service can be used if you have used a local data file to enter data into instead of the networked data file. It can also be used when data was entered into two different files, hence the need to combine files becomes necessary.

File merge can also be done when consolidating multiple QuickBooks data files into a single file after adding a class to each data file, or prior to uploading to QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks Repair Pro offers an industry-standard solution to combine data from multiple company files into a single company file - with guaranteed results. QuickBooks Repair Pro will additionally add classes to all transactions in each company file which can be used for reporting purposes. The merged file is audited to ensure all transactions were merged correctly.

There are a few limitations as to what can and cannot be merged. Payroll checks are merged as regular checks and won't appear in payroll reports. This is mainly because QuickBooks does not allow payroll checks to be transferred from one file to another. Bank Reconciliations also cannot be merged because QuickBooks does not support the transfer of Bank Reconciliations. You will need to do a single reconciliation for each bank account after the merge.

Data files with negative inventory and assembly builds do not merge correctly because there is insufficient quantity on hand to build the assemblies and they transfer over as pending builds.

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