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Keeping One's Business Close, but the Customers Closer

Social media is the new tool not only in better understanding customers, it is also an excellent instrument in influencing them for the benefits of the businesses.


Melbourne, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2014 -- Social media is one of the best gifts of modern technology. Social media during its younger years, became popularly known as a great way of being connected. Some critics even noted it as a negative impact of technology as most people use social media in extensive, long hours every day making it known to some people as a huge waste of time and effort. As keeping one's self updated with everything there is to update in his own page may keep him occupied. But it wasn’t long that most people, most specially business owners, found a way to on how they could make use of social media to help their businesses grow. Today, social media sites became a pot of gold not only for their respective owners, but also for people who made good use for it in a profitable sense. Because human beings are highly sociable, no person would allow himself to live without having any friends and without having a single casual conversation with any of them, even for a single day. That is why almost every single person in the world is using a social media platform. Among the most popular social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. With millions of users accessing these social media sites all over the world, it has become the perfect gateway in connecting to all types of consumers and potential clients. According to Huffington Post in their article “100 Fascinating Social Media Statistics and Figures From 2012” 80 percent of social media users prefer to connect with brands through Facebook. That is why today, many businesses and companies go social. But with endless possible use of social media either for business or personal, what are the things that we should watch out for? What are other reasons why we should go social?

488 million users regularly use Facebook mobile. Forbes.com in their article “Salespeople Need To Improve Their Social Media Skills” says that salespeople can use online social platforms to increase productivity. By means of social media, they will not only be able to understand their customers better but even influence them for the benefit of their own business. It also said that 60 percent of customers research about the business first before even buying. This means that being in social platform will enable one to advertise a business in a more effective way. Social media platforms do not only bring the average customer and clients closer to the business, but even makes the business connected internally. Connecting employees inside the business will not only able them to know each other, but also help them in doing their job more efficiently. Internal collaboration in the entire company that usually takes time, is now more achievable. The business or company employees are able to get the information they need and even share information that may help other parts of the business which are definitely, related to one another.

Socialmediaexaminer.com in their article “5 Social Media Management Tools That Should Be Considered” shared the 5 ways to simplify the “Management of One's Social Media Marketing”:

1. Sprout Social Helps One Engage Followers and Respond in Real Time
2. MarketMeSuite Provides an Easy-to-Use Dashboard That Works Like Email
3. Sendible Provides Brand Monitoring and Sentiment Analysis for Businesses
4. Socialbakers Provides Large Amounts of Data in a User-Friendly Interface
5. Crowdbooster Does Much of the Thinking

Working as One

Connectivity - this is the one word that best describes social media. Huffington Post article with the title “Five Ways Social Media Has Changed the Way We Worked” explained how social media connectivity amongst the members of a business and its employees has brought solutions and ideas which helped businesses. Unlike before, when a business or company is endeavored with a problem or stumbles upon a difficult situation, only the immediate people and employees of the business are involved and consulted or asked about ideas or solutions on how to solve problems. But at present, with the help of social media, a single question about anything can be immediately asked to everyone inside the business creating a “collective intelligence”, just like in the saying “two heads are better than one”. Social media also enables employees, including managers and executive to talk to one another on a regular basis. This enables them to share their thoughts, opinions and insights about their work giving them a view of the over-all concept on how their work affects one another thus, promoting transparency and eventually incorporating everyone into the goal in the business. Remember, promoting company goals and values must be done inside-out. This means that one needs to start within the company so that the image as a business will be reflected among all the employees.

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