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Keeping the Record: Violent Comedy Sports Novel Puts Spotlight on Athletic Steroid Use, as Baseball Player Does Anything to Protect Home Run Record

Written by Travis Richardson, ‘Keeping the Record’ fuses the unlikely genres of comedy, sports and violence to provoke thought on a number of rampant real-world issues. From the use of steroids in sports to racism, sexism and the struggles faced by transgender persons, Richardson knocks one out of the park with this most compelling of narratives. It plays out in the life of one man – a former baseball All-Star who will stop at nothing (yes, nothing!) to protect his esteemed home run record.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2014 -- In baseball, it’s all about records. For the players, it’s all about protecting them and remaining unbeaten. However, when one former All-Star faces a battle with steroid use and some of society’s sickest characters, protecting his infamous home run record could literally leave those that stand in the way…dead.

Everything is exposed in ‘Keeping the Record’, which defies a single genre to incorporate violence, sports, societal examination and even – unbelievably – comedy.


Roy Brands was one of baseball's home run kings, knocking them out of the park on a nightly basis to the delight of roaring crowds across the country. But years of rampant steroid abuse have finally caught up with him, transforming the former All-Star into a shrunken-testicled, soprano-speaking, bra-wearing recluse.

Despite his present condition and the creditors knocking on his door, Roy can still take solace that his single season home run record remains intact...until he learns that a young second baseman is on the cusp of shattering it. Desperate to protect the only thing he has left, Roy makes his way to St. Louis, leaving a trail of destruction and bodies in his wake.

“It’s a very intricate story. On his trip across the country, Roy travels by any means possible, taking a bus, eighteen-wheeler, single engine aircraft, cargo train, tugboat and visits a myriad of famous cities along the way. He does this while being chased by criminals and constantly making enemies. From sparking off in fits of rage to collapsing in tears, readers get a very raw insight into the hormone imbalance that comes with steroid use. It also examines the rash decisions users make, exemplified when Roy pawns his Babe Ruth home run trophy just to afford a bus fare,” says Travis.

Continuing, “While there’s plenty of violence to keep readers on the edge of their seats, the novel also has a very serious undertone. It explores issues relating to sexism, racism, transgender culture and the current steroid epidemic playing out in the sports world. In all, readers get to see how violence breeds more violence – and how revenge doesn’t always work out as expected.”

To date, the novel has garnered rave reviews. Shamus Award winning author John Shepphird comments, “Keeping the Record totally cracked me up. Plenty of action with ego-driven characters on a collision course -- pure enjoyable pulp. Fallen baseball great Roy Brands is a hilarious flawed character hanging on by a thread. I laughed out loud many times reading this book.”

Michael Monson was equally as impressed, adding, “Travis Richardson's book, Keeping the Record, for me, was a unique read. I'm not even sure how to describe it. It is definitely a comedy and is completely hilarious, but it is also graphically (and sometimes almost sickeningly) violent with killings and shootings and knifings and beatings on nearly every page. And, it is definitely a crime novel, because nearly every character is a criminal and crimes are committed constantly throughout.”

‘Keeping the Record,’ published by Stark Raving Group, is available now: http://goo.gl/qEyWxq.

For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://www.tsrichardson.com.

About the Author
Crime author of the novellas LOST IN CLOVER (listed in Spinetingler Magazine’s Best Crime Fiction of 2012) and KEEPING THE RECORD. Short story writer with works in online zines and anthologies including MALFEASANCE OCCASIONAL: GIRL TROUBLE and ALL DUE RESPECT ISSUE #1. Occasional writer-director of short movies.