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Keith and Margo's Murder Mystery Texas Announces Its Macabre Mystery Dinners


Arlington, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2016 -- Fans of Keith and Margo's Murder Mystery Texas are invited to take part in the Macabre Mystery Dinners happening this summer at Dark Hour in Plano. These dinners will start Saturday July 9th, 2016, and more will follow in September to get their guests ready for the Halloween spirit.

This event is a new type of Whodunit. Leave it to Murder Mystery Texas to find a new way to scare us, feed us, and entertain us all at the same time. This one has a spooky and comical twist to it. Being held at the Dark Hour Haunted House ensures there will be ghosts, werewolves, vampires, and more. Just like many other of Keith and Margo's Murder Mystery Dinners, this one will also feature murders and deaths all around the attendees. They will not know if the person next to them is a guest or if they are one of the killers.

Guests of these dinners can always expect suspense and Keith and Margo's Murder Mystery Texas, as always, adds some comic relief to these events. They take place starting at 7:30 PM and go until 10:30 PM. Guests can expect to interact with many of the other guests at the dinner and will help the detective solve the murders.

The tickets for this event will cost $59.99 plus tax per guest. Tickets will be available to purchase online, or by phone. Guests can expect a reception when they arrive that will have appetizers and a full bar. The bar will only take cash, so guests are encouraged to bring that along. There will be a buffet dinner that will be catered by a company that Keith and Margo's Murder Mystery Texas employs, Love & War. 

For reservations and more information, visit

The new feature about this event is that Keith and Margo's Murder Mystery Texas will bring in not only a detective and clues to gather, but guests will now be able to decode cryptograms in order to give them an idea of who is committing all of the murders at the event. The guests will be collecting clues while they are walking through the haunted house. This new experience will also have the guests guessing Whodunit at every twist and turn until the mysteries are finally solved.

Guests will determine what deadly creature committed all of the murders after they have walked through the Dark Hour Haunted House to discover new clues and new homicides. After they have dined at the buffet, they will get a chance to experience the haunted house and solve mysteries in a new way. With the help of other guests, they will be able to decipher codes and escape the haunted house safely.

The detective will ask the guests for clues and even will ask them to give them their solution to who or what committed all of the crimes. This is a hands-on dinner for every guest that attends. It is suggested that the guests wear upscale casual or they can wear their best scary costume if they wish.

Keith and Margo's Murder Mystery Texas
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