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Keith and Margo's Murder Mystery Texas Announces Its Yearly Valentine's Gala

For fans of murder mystery dinner theater, Keith and Margo’s Murder Mystery Texas will bring their annual Valentine’s Day Gala to Dallas on February 13th and 14th. Fans of mystery dinner theater will gather, meet one another and celebrate a murder at the Omni Park West hotel.


Arlington, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/26/2016 -- Keith and Margo's Murder Mystery Texas will throw the most dramatic and mysterious Valentine's Day Gala yet. This gala has all the food, fun, and dancing a couple could want on this most romantic of holidays. Not just another boring meal out, guests of the gala will be there to participate in and, hopefully, solve the most creative and cryptic murders. They will even become part of the excitement and possibly one of the murder victims.

This company says that there are quite a few fans returning for one their favorite events. The evening will begin by all of the guests checking in with the hosts of the dinner. Everyone who attends will receive a letter that will give them instructions on where to go for the evening. Wherever they sit will determine which team they are on for the evening. There will be a DJ playing during this time and the guests can purchase alcoholic beverages if they would like. The dance floor is open while everyone begins to mix and mingle. This is the time when everyone begins to loosen up and get excited about what this evening will bring.

The meal of Keith and Margo's Murder Mystery Texas Valentine's Day Gala is split up into different courses and during each course, the guests get to experience what murder theater is all about. For instance, during the salad portion of the meal, a homicide will occur. The guests will then get to meet the detective and meet the guests that may be guilty.

Keith and Margo's Murder Mystery Texas actors will get the teams together to try and solve the murders that take place over the course of the evening. Teams will search the hotel for clues to determine who committed the murders. Everyone at the gala is a suspect. The guests of the gala will then fill out the answer sheets that they have received from the hosts. The team that solves the murders gets a great prize. There are other prizes for those teams who can come up with the most interesting and funny answers. In the end, everyone who attends the gala will leave smiling and laughing.

The Valentine's Day Gala is a great social event that is put on by Keith and Margo's Murder Mystery Texas. The guests of this gala have a great time and often buy tickets each year. They leave happy and surprised by how the mystery got solved. Fans of theater and drama will love attending any of the events put on by Keith and Margo's Murder Mystery Texas. They do fill up rather quickly so it is important to buy tickets to the event as soon as possible.

Gala information can be found by visiting

Murder Mystery Texas
6304 Innsbrooke Drive
Arlington, TX, 76016