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Doylestown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/15/2018 -- Keith J. Williams, a criminal defense attorney in Bucks County, PA, wants the people of his community to understand their rights, especially when they are suspected of committing a crime. One of the most important aspects of criminal law that all should remember is their right to counsel.

The right to counsel was originally defined as an individual's right to have legal counsel present during criminal prosecution. By today's standard, the right to counsel has been extended to interrogations, trials, sentencing, and appeals. While the right to counsel and the right to remain silent before having a lawyer present does extend to a wide variety of situations, there are moments when individuals may be required to answer questions. Most notably, this includes situations where a law enforcement officer requests some form of identification or immediately relevant information.

Keith J. Williams, a Criminal defense attorney in Doylestown, PA, offers years of experience to assist defendants in a range of situations, including: advising them of their rights, investigating their cases, defending them in court, and ensuring their rights are upheld. Having the help of a seasoned attorney is essential for making plea deals, lowering charges, or increasing the likelihood of a shorter sentence. While having counsel is necessary for improving the likelihood of a favorable outcome, hiring an attorney is not a guarantee for lower charges or plea deals.

Keith J. Williams fights passionately for his clients, offering his expertise in all parts of criminal defense. Whether an individual is facing charges of burglary, theft, drug possession, identity theft, underage drinking, or a number of other crimes, Keith J. Williams provides dedicated legal representation to offer the best chance of a favorable outcome. Those interested in a free, confidential consultation should call Keith J. Williams Law at 855-703-1134.

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Keith J. Williams Law, located in Doylestown, PA, is committed to providing comprehensive representation for their clients concerning criminal defense and personal injury. Led by Bucks County Bar Association Criminal Defense Attorney of the Year Keith J. Williams, this law firm goes the extra mile for those they represent.

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