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Kelly Car Title Loans in San Jose Makes It Possible for Bad Creditors to Get Loans


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2016 -- Kelly Car Title Loans San Jose, a California based microcredit agency, recently announced that they have started providing car title loans to American citizens who have bad credit score. The owners of the small and humble microcredit agency said that since banks often turn down loan applications of bad creditors, they strongly feel that a feasible alternative should be there for the bad creditors to regain their financial stability. They underscored the fact that they are now providing loans to California residents on easy repayment terms and with minimum paperwork.

"Banks would normally take their own sweet time to approve and process loans and that is completely understandable. With the country's economy hitting new lows during the days of great recession, everybody became apprehensive of granting loans to people who have bad credit score. We are not offering anything new, but car title loans that are a form of small loan extremely popular in this part of America", said Tom Orenda, the founder and CEO of Kelly Car Title Loans. He also said that they do not check too many documents for loan approval and necessary verification.

"All we need is the proof of ownership of a car. People can get easy cash from us as loan and get approved for such small loans right over the phone. Of course, we need to have a face-to-face meeting with the loan applicant before we actually hand over the cash, but much of the process can be completed through the wires. I think this is the biggest benefit of choosing a car title loans agency like us", added Tom during a high-tea session with the press at his office.

At present, Kelly Car Title Loans San Jose approves loans within minutes and people need to call them or mail them to pass on the details like their residential proof copies, copies of income proof etc. However, Tom Orenda added and stressed on that they do not look into the credit score of the loan applicants.

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