Kelly Habbas

Kelly Habbas Shares Dismal Experience With Kidney Stones


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/13/2012 -- After one agonizing year, of passing dreaded kidney stones, Kelly Habbas has finally conquered this odd, strange “defect of the human body.”

Most people end up encountering some kind of medical malady during their lives. The fortunate individuals who spend most of their younger years with relatively good health generally start experiencing health issues as they age and some systems inside of your body start to encounter issues, and the very unlucky individuals have problems since birth. The fortune news for Kelly Habbas is that he was not born with specific medical problems, but since the Fall of 2011, Kelly Habbas had problems with kidney stones.

Kidney stones are not necessarily an unusual ailment for many people, but it is worth knowing that they are extremely painful. The only way to really deal with the kidney stone is to go to the hospital and learn more about ways to help it pass without pain. What makes Kelly Habbas so remarkable in the group of individuals who have suffered from kidney stones is the fact that even though he was an incredible amount of pain at the time, he was able to drive himself to the hospital. Very few individuals who are suffering from pain related to kidney stones are able to operate heavy machinery at the same time. The fact that Kelly Habbas was able to get to the hospital with no help at his side shows that he possesses an inordinate amount of fortitude when it comes to dealing with adversity and pain.

Fortunately, Kelly Habbas was able to deal with his kidney stones and today is a fully healthy man again. We are happy to know that his health is doing well and wish him all the best in the future; and we also hope that the future is considerably less “rocky” than the past has been! If you would like to learn about kidney stones and how they can affect your body and health, make sure to do plenty of research online. You can read an article from Web MD about kidney stones here: Kidney Stones

Kelly Habbas thanks Google Images/WebMD for pictures, and YouTube for Video.