Kenan Hillard Seeks Support from Kickstarter to Take Readers to an Exciting Post-Apocalyptic Journey Through Future America with 'The Collective'

The Collective is an exciting Post-Apocalyptic journey through future America. Think Mad Max meets Hunger Games.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/19/2013 -- In the near future water has become scarce. With the lack of free access to this resource people once thought unlimited, society began to destabilize. The sporadic uprising brought about the dissolution of the United States standing army and with it the office of the Presidency. People saw no need to elect a man that had no cure for the water crisis.

In this chaos the Collective rose to power. Eight Houses composed of the one-thousand richest people in the country. They promised to restore order and refine the water process. A machine, the Morphesizer, the size of a small island was constructed to enhance reverse osmosis, the process of turning saltwater into drinking water. Unclean water with high levels of sediment and rock would turn into clean water.

Money raised via Kickstarter will be used for funding cover art, interior art, typesetting, copyediting, ISBN’s and all the things Kenan Hillard can’t do himself to make this a professional book worth reading. His goal is to bring the Post-Apocalyptic world of ‘The Collective’ to life and present a book on the same level with any fictional work people would purchase online.

Once the base goal is met, a rocking artist will be brought in to provide original artwork. If stretch goals are met, additional artists will be brought in to provide an illustrated map of The Collective world and potential artwork for the main characters in the book.

This project will only be funded if at least$6,500 is pledged by Tuesday Dec 31, 11:59pm EST.

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