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Kennedy Towing Offers 24 Hour Reliable Accident Removal Across Oceanside


Oceanside, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2016 -- Oceanside residents, and San Diego locals as a whole, are hereby informed regarding a brand new Accident Removal service offered by Kennedy Towing to the Oceanside community.

Regular commuters to nearby Escondido and San Diego as well as the regular navy recruit driving around town now have a reliable towing company to call upon when in need specially in such a delicate and urgent matter such as Accident situation.

"We're very excited to add this very important service to the list of roadside services which we offer to our local community" said Brian Hackelsbee, Marketing Manager for Kennedy Towing. "This really will be a huge improvement for the locals around here. Just imagine it – you're driving peacefully, minding your own business and suddenly you get slammed by a car leaving you in a shambles… who can you count on in such a scenario? The average driver want and need to know I has a towing company who will be there for him when he'll need it the most. And that's where we come in. We wish that local drivers will have the peace of mind of knowing that when the time will come, we'll have their backs."

Driver safety is always a primary concern. In a recent survey of California drivers, nearly 70 percent reported having been hit or almost hit by another driver using a cell phone. Another recent statewide survey revealed that 14 percent of drivers tested positive for the use of drugs that can impair driving. While these statistics are quite scary, the more concerning fact is that even if you are a cool headed and responsible driver, you might still run into one of those other "not so serious" drivers and experience an accident.

That's one of the main reasons Kennedy Towing added this essential emergency service for your peace of mind, provided you experienced such an unfortunate incident.

The suitable complement to Kennedy Towing's services is their new company website, The site has a fresh, innovative design that is precisely what users are looking for. Seamless navigation and well-displayed information make it so that any user can easily find the perfect answer to their problems, whether you need your ignition key duplicated or you're looking for emergency gas delivery.

For Hackelsbee, this important towing service and the new website are all about serving better the local community.

"This is home to me and a lot of our technicians, which means we get to help out our friends and neighbors. This is the perfect opportunity for us to give back to our community and take care of the locals," says Hackelsbee.

Contact info:
Kennedy Towing
Phone: (760) 444-0775
Address: 602 S Tremont Suite A St, Oceanside, CA 92054