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Kennel Terror Horror at the Racetrack: Chilling New Novel Raises Awareness of Abuse Behind Greyhound Racing 'Sport'.

Anastacio Florez’s compelling new book fuses fact and fiction to highlight the harrowing abuse that many racing greyhounds face at the hands of their trainers. Having worked at a racetrack and modelled his evil protagonist on a real-life trainer he worked for, Florez’s work is being celebrated for its efforts in speaking on behalf of millions of animals who suffer in silence.


Corpus Christi, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2014 -- While many think nothing of heading down to the local dog racetrack to gamble their disposal income and spend time with friends, author Anastacio Florez’s new book proves that they’re simultaneously funding animal abuse and cruelty beyond belief.

Everything is exposed in ‘Kennel Terror Horror at the Racetrack’ – a work that is as eye-opening as it is important.


This is a horror story that takes place at a greyhound racetrack, and around the South Texas and Valley area.

In this story the dogs talk but only one man, Thomas, knows this. When there is nobody around but Thomas, the dogs start talking to him. This surprises and scares Thomas. The dogs see this and start barking so Thomas realizes that he is the only one who knows this and he isn't fearful anymore. As the story progresses, Thomas treats the dogs kindly so he knows that the dogs place their trust in him.

Old man Riverton abuses his dogs and enjoys it when other trainers do the same. There is a place called ‘the Pit’ where greyhounds that are no longer able to run and win to make money for the trainers are sent to be killed.

When Thomas finds out that Janet, who was abused by Old man Riverton, is sent to the Pit he asks Doctor Watson to help him. They go out to rescue Janet, but Janet doesn’t make it. Instead it is Old Lucky who gets saved. Leaving Old man Riverton to Old Lucky and the other greyhounds he gets what he deserves.

As the author explains, his fictional story bares a frightening resemblance to reality.

“It’s a horror story – and that is totally deliberate, because millions of racing dogs experience their own personal horrors on a daily basis. Many people think that greyhound racing is an innocent and lucrative sport. However, dogs die at the hands of their trainers every day. This is the ‘dark side’ of the sport that I hope to expose,” says Florez, a dedicated animal welfare campaigner.

Continuing, “Everything is taken from my own experiences working at a racetrack. I’ve had to tone things down a bit for the book because the reality is even worse that I depict. The animals are treated like dirt and forced to endure inhumane conditions just so their trainers and the venues can make easy money.”

While Old man Riverton may first appear implausible, Florez makes it clear that he is actually very real.

“Riverton is based on a trainer I knew; someone with a character and sick pleasures that you’d never believe. Riverton isn’t alone – hundreds or perhaps even thousands of trainers across the country act just like him. They’re nothing but animal abusers and I want people to see them for who they are. Buy the book – you’ll turn the last page with an entirely new appreciation for the wonderful animals we share our world with,” he adds.

‘Kennel Terror Horror at the Racetrack’ is available now: http://bit.ly/18HhdUh.

About Anastacio Florez
The author lives in Corpus Christi, TX.