Kensington Real Estate Formally Launches New Website


Naples, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2012 -- Kensington Real Estate has announced the formal launching of their new website, The site is part of the aggressive marketing plans of the company in their aim to become the top resource of Kensington real estate information on the internet.

Kensington Real Estate has been working on their website for some time now. One can recall that they formed a team of Kensington real estate experts, combined with web designers. It was evident that the company took the task of creating their new site seriously. At present, they boast of a revolutionary site which will be a great help to those who are interested in going home to Kensington Real Estate in Naples. There are so many elements in the new website that makes it easy to use and exceptionally navigable even by those who are beginners in internet use. Aside from the physical layout of the site, its content is far beyond informative. Kensington Real Estate says that the site may be able to assist every potential buyer in making the right decision on which particular property is perfect for them.

"There is such a huge opportunity for Kensington Real Estate when it comes to the dissemination of the right information to potential buyers and the general public. I was excited when I found out that the company is working on this jam packed site. There is no glimmer of doubt in mind that this new website will turn out to be the best in the business," said Dave Martin, Director of Marketing and Public Relations. He also added, "There was a time when I myself was looking for a place in Kensington. Seeing this new website made me remember how difficult it was to make a decision then. I am happy to know that no one has to go through that now."

About Kensington Real Estate
Kensington Real Estate is the premiere real estate information provider in Naples. They have been recognized by several local real estate organizations and have handled the most popular clients and residents in the community.

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Dave Martin
Director of Marketing and Public Relations
Kensington Real Estate
2701 Pine Ridge Road
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