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Eye Procedure That Helped Win a Gold Medal Now Written Up in New Book on Keratoconus


Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2012 -- Keratoconus is a progressive, non-inflammatory eye disorder that results in reduction of visual acuity and sensitivity to glare and light. Devastating and progressively worsening in many people, the eye disease now affects 1 in 500 people-- a 400% greater frequency than before. Previous treatments included hard contacts or even cornea transplants. Now, in Dr. Brian S. Boxer Wachler’s new book, How We Conquered Keratoconus – First hand experiences from those who took back their lives from this devastating eye disease, readers can learn of alternatives that have saved vision in many patients, and in one instance, led to an Olympic gold medal.

The forward is by Steven Holcomb, who won gold in the 2010 Winter Olympics, on his bobsled “Night Train.” Holcomb had Keratoconus, which was weakening his cornea, and left him severely visually impaired, and forced an early retirement and derailment of his Olympic dreams. But eventually his team doctor found “Dr. Brian,” who treated him with a non-surgical treatment called Holcomb C3-R®, a combination of his proprietary crosslinking solution and special light to strengthen Steven’s corneas. After that, Steven had Dr. Brian place lens implants to further improve his vision. Steven immediately came out of retirement with his new eyesight in early 2008, and won the World Bobsled Championship in 2009, the first the U.S. had done in 50 years followed by Olympic gold in 2010. Holcomb C3-R® is credited for saving Steven's eyesight.

Dr. Brian has been on numerous television and radio shows discussing modern treatments for Keratoconus that can improve vision and save people from invasive and painful cornea transplants. How We Conquered Keratoconus illustrates how lives can be restored and how many people conquered their own Keratoconus by refusing to accept their doctor’s prison sentence of “you only have two options – hard contacts or cornea transplant.” It’s finally a new era for Keratoconus treatment. The book will be released late October 2012.

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About Brian Boxer Wachler, MD
Beverly Hills-based “Dr. Brian” has been treating Keratoconus patients from all over the United States with minimally-invasive, “cornea-transplant saving” procedures that he pioneered since 1999. Considered by many to be "The Keratoconus Guru,” he received the Jules Stein Living Tribute Award in 2010 for inventing C3-R and performing it on U.S. Olympic Bobsled Driver Steven Holcomb. The procedure was renamed "Holcomb C3-R" in Steven's honor on The Doctors television show because of the world-wide recognition that Steven brought to the procedure. Dr. Brian was also the first doctor in the world outside Germany to perform cornea collagen cross linking. In 2003 he invented the 1-day recovery, non-invasive Holcomb C3-R Crosslinking System. To learn more about how these procedures can help improve your life, visit http: // or phone (310) 860-1900