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Keratosis Pilaris Home Remedy Product Released – The Secret to Smoother Skin in 5 Days or Less


Mesa, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2015 -- Are you personally affected by keratosis pilaris? Are you tired of living with this unsightly skin condition? Then you will want to hear about the remarkable success that former KP sufferer Angela Steinberg has had when she learned how to get rid of keratosis pilaris once and for all.

This week, Angela Steinberg released an updated version of her popular step-by-step keratosis pilaris home remedy solution simply known as "Banish My Bumps." Along with the keratosis pilaris natural treatment ideas previously covered, this new edition addresses topics such as using coconut oil for keratosis pilaris and how to properly plan out a keratosis pilaris diet.

Angela gives several reasons why her keratosis pilaris natural treatment plan is not merely another alternative to the myriad keratosis pilaris home remedy solutions currently available on the market. Angela makes the case that her revised protocol now works faster than ever, oftentimes yielding results in as little as 5 days (hence the "Revised Keratosis Pilaris Home Remedy Product Released – The Secret To Smoother Skin In 5 Days Or Less" title of this press release).

The creator of this detailed informational product was asked why she believed her publication was needed, especially in light of the fact that keratosis pilaris is usually more of a cosmetic concern than a dangerous health issue. And couldn't one simply pick up some moisturizing lotion or cream at the local pharmacy to address this problem?

Angela had this to say:

"Sure, in certain cases using lotion or cream for chicken skin can help but it's often a temporary fix at best. I created my keratosis pilaris natural treatment program for people like me who weren't having success with the usual methods and who wanted fast, permanent relief without having to break the bank."

"While it's true that keratosis pilaris isn't life threatening, it can seriously damage your self-esteem. I avoided wearing tank tops for years because of it! I tried so many creams and lotions both over-the-counter and prescription-based but it was all thrown out money in the end. Nothing could get rid of my keratosis pilaris itchy red bumps."

"I decided to experiment on myself and through some trial and error, I was able to find something that finally worked, thankfully. And now a lot of other KP sufferers have had success with my system too."

Angela was asked to further describe her keratosis pilaris home remedy solution and what its secret is:

"'Banish My Bumps' is a step-by-step program based on the exact methods I used to conquer my keratosis pilaris. The so-called 'secret' is basically a distillation of natural healing methods I came across while researching this dreaded skin condition and then putting my own unique twist on it. By taking the time to understand what causes keratosis pilaris, I was finally able to find the right solution."

Keratosis pilaris sufferers who have not achieved lasting results from previous cosmetic products may benefit from "Banish My Bumps." To discover how to get rid of keratosis pilaris in a matter of days with a minimal amount of time and effort, this best selling publication may be of help:

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