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Kerneli Portable Toilets Provide Free Sanitary Facilities to Storm Hit Residents


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2013 -- Kerneli Portable toilets have been in the news recently for providing sanitary facilities to disaster struck residents for free. When the storm hit Rosewell NM, many residents were left homeless and many died. With so much of life threatening diseases arising due to the high level of pollution because of the deaths and the pollution caused by the storm, unhygienic sanitary conditions made the condition worse.

More and more number of residents was finding it difficult to cope with the situation and many of the people who survived the storm were also beginning to be infected due to the pollution. Seeing the need of the situation, the team at Kerneli Portable Toilets started setting up sufficient sanitary facilities including shower facilities to areas that were worse struck by the storm. Thanks to the company, the level of disease infection came down to a considerable level.

Taking note of the philanthropic move made by the Company, other Portable Toilets Roswell NM companies followed suit. Within weeks, almost all homeless had access to sufficient sanitary facilities thereby reducing the infection level to almost zero. Today, residents of Roswell NM get quicker access to sanitary facilities than to other shelter whenever disaster storm hits the area. Residents claim that whenever a storm hits the area, the second quickest help the reach them after the rescue team is the porta potty facilities.

With the well-trained team of experts, it is not a problem to setup the porta potties even amidst all the chaos and destruction. No matter how much of debris a place has, the team expertly clears up the area within a short period of time and set up the toilet to ensure that residents in distress do not need to walk far to get access to sanitary facilities. The company does all cleaning by sending its team at right intervals of time. To gather other details on portable toilets Roswell NM please visit

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