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Kerneli Toilets Can Be Setup Even on Hostile Landscape Terrains


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2013 -- Portable sanitatry facilities aka porta potties have been in use since the early 1960s. Back then, only the affluent could afford a porta potty. Today, a look around all outdoor events whether a budget event or a sophisticated event, porta potties are a must. Some outdoor events are held without food, like concerts or sports but definitely not without porta toilets. To put it simply, there is not outdoor event without porta potties.

The Kerneli Portable Toilets is front leading company in Chicago IL over the past couple of years ever since it set up office here. The company is constantly renovating its porta potties with the latest technological aid. Today, any outdoor event hosted at difficult terrains like a sloping landscape, hilly terrain etc cannot do without Kerneli's porta potties. Unlike your ordinary portable toilets in Chicago IL, the Chicago IL Portable Toilets can be set up anywhere. These hi tech sanitary facilities are designed to stay put even on sloping terrains. The modern toilets coupled with the team of experts, make it unbeatable to compete with not only by other companies but also by nature.

The company has come up with a compact sanitary facility for those clients who are adventurous enough to set up these porta potties on their own. These toilets are user friendly and can be set up in no time. It is comfortable and the sturdy mesh holder prevents the kit from any form of slippages. These toilets, although simple and easy to use, are impeccable in its design. The kerneli company even manufactures super light weighing toilets to be used in boats. These toilets have secure covering to protect against germs, debris, flies and rodents. These Kerneli boat porta potties are designed so impeccably well that most clients also hire them for campsites. They weigh as light as 1 lbs. To get more information on portable toilets Chicago IL please visit

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Kerneli Portable toilets is one of the nation's largest and most popular portable toilets website. It has expanded its base to over almost all the cities and towns of the country.

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