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Kerrville Karate Academy Announces Kick Boxing Class at Impact Martial Arts

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Kerrville, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2012 -- Kick boxing is a great alternative to boring gym work and Impact Martial Arts announced today the start of their new classes aimed at individuals three years old and up.

People who are tired of the gym, lifting weights, and using treadmills will find a very good alternative to physical fitness with kick boxing, as Impact Martial Arts, one of the fastest growing self defense schools in Texas, announces the beginning of their kick boxing classes and training programs. This is aimed at individuals big and small looking for more fun and exciting ways to improve and maintain health and well being.

There is no question how much a sedentary lifestyle affects the health negatively. Statistics show the big link between a lack of exercise and many serious illnesses like cardiovascular diseases and the growing problem of obesity. As a result, health campaigns are being put up to promote exercise to obtain good physical fitness. However, the gym is not for everyone so alternative classes like the kick boxing classes offered by Impact Martial Arts truly help.

The difference with kick boxing classes compared to the usual gym work is the fact that it offers a fun, convenient, and flexible learning atmosphere while giving the individual enhanced self confidence and discipline plus an improvement in coordination, strength, stamina, and flexibility. Kick boxing classes also promote awareness, focus, and control.

Apart from the kick boxing classes, Impact Martial Arts also holds various self defense classes like Tang Soo Do Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, and Krav Maga Self-Defense. More than that, the organization also has numerous outreach and community projects. The most recent activities include a demonstration for all troops of the Kerrville Boy Scouts this month and participation in the Bark for Life, also this month. The next demonstration by the group will be held on July 12 at the Heritage Place Assisted Living in Fredericksburg.

Last March, the group also raised $2500 for the Big Brothers/Big Sisters through a kick-a-thon, gathering $1500 more compared to the previous year. They have also provided sponsorship for the Tyler Behren 5K this year and the last, plus Chamber of Commerce projects in the last three years. Impact Martial Arts have also helped provide 50 lbs of food in a drive in December last year, plus more classes focused on stranger danger and self defense for women held on February and October last year respectively.

Individuals who participate in the Kerrville kick boxing classes of Impact Martial Arts will not only get the chance to hone their physical abilities and skills but also take part in the numerous outreach projects of the organization for the improvement of the overall health of the community.

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Impact Martial Arts offers self defense classes and various martial arts training programs to build discipline and self confidence in participants. The classes are flexible, fun, and convenient for students to learn real martial arts through professional instruction and focused and convenient program. Learn self discipline and self defense at the premier Kerrville karate school.

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