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Kessler Plastic Surgery Reveals Serious Solution for Sagging Breasts

Surgery is the best long-term fix for sagging breasts, reports Kessler Plastic Surgery


Newport Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2014 -- For years, it was commonly believed that sagging breasts could be avoided for many decades just by wearing bras, and only very old people were expected to have this condition. Now, it has come out that, like most "common wisdom," this isn't actually true. Aging makes the skin less able to resist gravity, and genetics also play a major factor. This causes many women to get sagging breasts long before they would be considered old.

"Physics are a major factor in sagging breasts," explained Dr. Robert W. Kessler of Kessler Plastic Surgery. "Even with a bra, gravity provides a constant downward force. This eventually causes the breasts to sag. Another problem is that there are no muscles in breasts. The muscles stop at the chest wall, so the breast tissue is held up only by skin. Despite the stereotypes, skin doesn't stay springy until people are 80. It can stretch out as early as the mid-20s, though it's more common to start to see noticeable sagging at some point after 40."

Fortunately, there is no need to put up with sagging breasts. Many women who have them choose to get breast lift surgery by Dr. Kessler and other cosmetic surgeons. "In this surgery, extra skin is removed so that the breasts hang where people expect them to," Dr. Kessler said. "However, this isn't done by simply cutting out a portion in the front. The surgical procedure is planned so that minimal scarring will occur, and that which does occur will be in less-obvious places."

Many women choose to get another procedure at the same time: Breast augmentation. Kessler Plastic Surgery breast augmentation is often best done at the same time as a lift because it allows the patient to get both things done with only one trip to the operating table. "Each operation requires anesthesia, and each separate procedure also involves opening up the body to do the work. Therefore, it's best to combine procedures when the same part is going to be worked on with each one. This minimizes the amount of disruption to the body while maximizing results."

That said, the benefits of combining procedures are most evident when all of them are taking place on the same parts, such as the breasts, rather than being spread around the body. "It's a good idea to avoid having new incisions in too many places at once," Dr. Kessler noted. "The point of combining operations should be to minimize physical trauma. We always evaluate patients to see what is best for them from a medical standpoint in order to maximize safety."

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