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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc Weight Loss Diets Reveal New Keto Diet Programs Enhanced with Natural Supplements and Diet Pills for Best Weight Loss

Diet Doc’s popular best weight loss diets are now offering patients medically supervised keto diet plans that allow fast and easy fat burn with natural herbs, supplements and diet pills.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2013 -- Most people in Seattle Washington who are looking to reach their best weight loss goals have likely read about the growing popularity and demand for keto diet plans. While these keto programs were developed long ago, because weight gain and obesity are reaching epidemic levels people are looking for plans like keto diets that have proven successful results without negative side effects or harmful consequences. Diet Doc recognizes the best weight loss achievements patients have attained while participating with keto diets and now offer clients these programs with even easier and faster fat burn created by incorporating Diet Doc’s specially formulated supplements and diet pills.

What began in the early 1920s as a specially designed diet to treat epilepsy, the keto diet is now a regimen that is followed to achieve best weight loss goals in addition to a variety of other health benefits. When patients consume carbohydrates, their bodies break them down into glucose, which the body then uses for fuel. By restricting the amount of carbohydrates patients consume, their livers begin to produce ketones and this process shifts the body toward utilizing excess stored fat for energy in place of the missing carbohydrates. Those following a keto diet to reach their best weight loss goals are encouraged to follow a meal plan filled with fresh vegetables and nuts while food items that contain refined carbohydrates such as bagels, pasta and cereals should be avoided. To help patients choose the correct foods that will help them to lose weight fast, Diet Doc patients will work closely with certified nutritionists who are highly trained in how the body responds to losing weight with Diet Doc’s keto diet. The Diet Doc team is so dedicated to helping their clients quickly shed unwanted extra weight that they remain available for unlimited consultations, six days per week, to answer questions, address concerns or simply provide guidance during each patient’s personalized program.

To increase the effectiveness of the keto diet, Diet Doc physicians seamlessly incorporate herbs, natural supplements and diet pills into their programs. One of Diet Doc’s most popular diet pills, Slim Down, is especially effective when included in the keto diet because it acts as a powerful appetite suppressant that eliminates intense cravings that some patients experience when reducing their consumption of processed carbohydrates. Utilizing Slim Down diet pills during the first two weeks of their hCG diet plan can help to keep energy levels elevated and control hunger until patients have reached a state of ketosis and no longer require assistance with their temptations to overindulge. Because these diet pills contain 5,000 mcg of vitamin B12 and 200 mg of caffeine, instead of strong stimulants like ephedra or phentramine, patients will experience a boost of energy without feeling jittery or anxious.

Diet Doc’s unique combination of a low carbohydrate hCG diet with their specially developed supplements and diet pills allow patients in Seattle Washington to comfortably transition to their best weight loss without nagging cravings, fatigue or weakness. By successfully helping thousands of patients quickly eliminate excess and embarrassing fat, Diet Doc’s best weight loss diets have become the nation’s leading medically supervised weight management plans.

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