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Keto Diets and Diet Doc's Hormone Treatments Refurbished to Burn Fat Quickly and Safely Without Side Effects

Diet Doc refurbished their Keto Diet plans to include hormone treatments, exclusive appetite suppressants and diet pills to eliminate food cravings, between meal hunger and loss of energy during dieting


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/04/2014 -- Originally designed to treat patients suffering with seizures, Keto diet plans soon became recognized for their weight loss benefits, as well. The Keto diet is based on the premise that the body burns processed carbohydrates for fuel and that any excess fat is then distributed and stored throughout the body.

By eliminating processed carbohydrates as the body’s main source of fuel, a new source is necessary and the body naturally gravitates toward that stored fat. Once stored fat becomes the body’s main energy source, the patient has successfully reached a state of ketosis and begins to quickly burn fat and lose excess weight. Many people believe that ketosis is a dangerous state for their body to be in, but ketosis merely means that the body is no longer depending on fattening carbohydrates and is burning the old, stored fat for energy.

Some patients become discouraged when removing carbohydrates from their diet because they do not know how to control food cravings and other negative dieting side effects. For this reason, Diet Doc developed their Keto Diet plans that include hormone treatments, exclusive appetite suppressants and prescription diet pills that help patients over the initial weight loss hurdles, eliminating loss of energy, between meal hunger and cravings for carbohydrates.

New Diet Doc patients will complete a health questionnaire and consult online with one of Diet Doc’s fast weight loss physicians. Certified nutritionists will work closely with each patient to educate and counsel them on which foods are low in carbohydrates and which foods will work best to burn fat and generate fast weight loss during their Keto diet. Meal and snack plans will be tailored that are consistent with the patient’s personal nutritional needs while fitting comfortably into their lifestyle and being compatible with almost any medical condition. Patients will learn to break bad eating habits and begin to incorporate lean meats, nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits as part of their daily regimen.

And, to make their Keto diets even more accessible to their clients, patients in even the most remote regions of the country can consult with physicians, nurses and certified nutritionists over the phone or the internet without leaving the comfort of their own home. For added convenience, patients may also choose to have all diet products delivered directly to their home or office for immediate use.

Because Diet Doc is dedicated to helping patients burn fat and reach their weight loss goals, they offer their services on an unlimited basis, six days per week. Patients know that their team is available and eager to answer questions, offer suggestions or simply to lend their support and encouragement throughout this important journey.

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