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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Announce New Ketogenic Diets with Effective Treatments Containing hCG Levels That Allow Patients to Lose Fat Fast

Diet Doc’s ketogenic diets use only the highest quality ingredients and effective hCG levels in their fat burning treatments to help patients comfortably reach a state of ketosis where they will begin to lose fat fast and see immediate results.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2013 -- Most people in Detroit who are trying to lose fat fast have tried, and ultimately failed, at their weight loss diets because of negative side effects like nagging hunger and extreme cravings for unhealthy, processed foods. Fortunately, Diet Doc has developed a ketogenic diet program that utilizes low hCG levels to eliminate these side effects and allow patients to comfortably and quickly lose fat fast. Patients in Detroit, and all over the United States, who have taken advantage of Diet Doc’s unique fat loss plans have been able to reach their fast weight loss goals safely and rapidly, with some patients losing up to almost a pound of excess, unwanted fat per day.

hCG is a naturally occurring hormone that is produced by women when they become pregnant. This hormone effectively mobilizes excess stored fat supplies and carries them to the growing fetus when the mother does not have immediate access to nutrition. When this process was discovered in the early 1950s, it was quickly determined that treatments containing low hCG levels could be used as a weight loss tool in ketogenic diets to help people lose fat fast. Once patients begin their hCG treatments, they will not only see excess fat melt away from the stomach, thighs and underarms, they will also experience a decreased appetite that is imperative for reevaluating unhealthy eating habits and maintaining a ketogenic diet program.

Ketogenic diets were initially prescribed as programs for patients suffering with epilepsy, finding that clean eating can help treat some symptoms. But, when researchers noted the valuable health benefits that following a ketogenic diet offered, they were quickly presented to patients who were trying to lose fat fast. By following a meal and snack plan without processed carbohydrates, patients remove the body’s main source of energy and effectively redirect the body to begin burning excess fat for fuel.

While this process has been successful in helping patients reach their weight loss goals, removing the sources of carbohydrates that patients have become accustomed to can be difficult and challenging. Because of this, Diet Doc offers patients medically supervised treatments that contain low hCG levels that allow patients to choose healthy, low carbohydrate foods without creating intense cravings or hunger.

What makes Diet Doc’s ketogenic diets different than most weight loss programs are their specially formulate treatments with prescription grade hCG levels that allow clients to lose fat fast. Many companies market hCG treatments, but it is important for people to note that most of these treatments contain hCG levels appropriate only for homeopathic treatments. With low hCG levels, homeopathic treatments will be unsuccessful in helping people lose fat fast and will leave many searching for assistance with other weight loss programs. Because Diet Doc treatments are produced by fully licensed and United States based pharmacies, patients can feel confident that they are receiving only the best ingredients possible for their hCG treatments.

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