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Ketone Balance Duo Includes 4 Weight Loss Ingredients in One Supplement, Reports Pills-for-Weight-Loss.com


Wells, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2014 -- The team at Pills-For-Weight-Loss.com originally reviewed the Ketone Balance Duo weight loss supplement back in July 2013, but have recently updated this review for 2014.

According to this review article, Ketone Balance Duo combines two powerful fat-burning ingredients - green coffee extract and raspberry ketones - and includes them both in a single supplement.

This alone would help many people lose a few pounds, but they are keen to point out that this supplement also includes guarana extract and green tea extract, which each have their own individual weight loss properties.

Therefore this particular weight loss pill actually includes a total of four fat-burning ingredients, which helps to explain why it has proven to be so effective for many people.

This combination of ingredients helps people boost their metabolism, increase their overall energy levels, suppress their appetite and actively burn fat, and is suitable for both men and women.

Discussing the benefits of Ketone Balance Duo, a spokesperson for Pills-For-Weight-Loss.com said:

"Many people are choosing to buy raspberry ketone supplements or green coffee supplements, but it is now possible to enjoy the weight loss benefits of many of these fat-burning ingredients in a single supplement because they are all included in this Ketone Balance Duo supplement."

"This diet supplement has no side effects, other than those associated with the small amounts of caffeine that it contains, is suitable for both men and women and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So it is easy to see why many people are deciding to try out this supplement right now."

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