Joe Bragg Lists Some of the Best Kettlebell Workouts for Any Fitness Goals


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2013 -- A kettlebell is a popular piece of fitness equipment. Used in Russia since the 1700s, kettlebell workouts have become increasingly popular in recent years. Today, more and more research is being done on the benefits of kettlebell workouts when it comes to achieving all sorts of different fitness goals.

At, visitors will learn some of the reasons why kettlebells are becoming so popular. The website explains a wide range of beginner and advanced kettlebell routines and lists some of the best advantages of kettlebell workouts. Specifically, kettlebell workouts have been shown to rapidly build endurance and strength while fixing build and muscle deficiencies throughout the body.

In other words, kettlebells help fitness enthusiasts build lean muscle in a number of different body parts. Kettlebells come in a wide range of weight denominations, making it easy for those with all levels of gym experience to get the best workout.

As a spokesperson for explains, kettlebells can be used for more than just growing muscle:

“We understand that not everyone wants to build huge amounts of muscle at the gym. Instead, they want to burn the maximum number of calories while achieving a more toned and slim physique. The right kettlebell workout can do that too! In fact, even average kettlebell workouts have been shown to burn up to 400 calories in just a 20 minute workout – which is the equivalent of running at a six-minute mile pace for the same length of time.”

At the website, visitors can discover how to do the right type of kettlebell workouts. Like any piece of fitness equipment, kettlebells can be dangerous when used incorrectly. Specifically, large kettlebells should be grasped with both hands and users should avoid wearing shoes with raised heels – such as running shoes. Running shoes affect the body’s center of balance, which means the individual has to work harder to stay on their heels during a workout.

The website features several different types of kettlebell workouts designed to achieve various fitness goals. One workout, called “The Ultimate Cardio Test” aims to burn fat with just a few swings of the kettlebell. Meanwhile, other workouts focus on specific muscle groups.

Kettlebell routines are not a new concept, but they’re becoming more popular at gyms across the world. Anybody who has seen kettlebells in their gym’s weight rack and wondered how to use them can visit for exercise inspiration.

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