Kevin Caffrey MA Clients Comment on Renovation of Boston Assembly Rooms


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2013 -- Customers of Kevin Craffey K & J Interiors were pleased to learn that more than thirty five new jobs will be created when the Boston Assembly Rooms renovations begin. Mark Clark, the owner, is expecting the work to start this summer and hopefully, it will be completed come September. Clark has carried out most of the necessary admin work already, having submitted his application for ‘change of use’ to the local council – this permit will ensure that he can use the property for several different activities, including things like business conferences and dinner dances, as well as nightclub and community events.

Clients of Kevin Caffrey Plymouth carpenter had voiced concerns about the premises being used as a nightclub, but Clark quickly addressed this issue, explaining this is just one of the many possible uses for the property, and that he is eager to arrange a wide range of public functions within what he describes as a ‘historical building’. However, he added that he felt it was important to consider the purpose of the building in a modern context, and pointed out that hosting nightclub events occasionally would draw in business which will ultimately help them to fund the maintenance projects for the building itself.

Clients of Kevin Craffey carpenter were surprised to learn that even though the renovations have not yet begun, specific public functions are being organised; these include the Seabank Marathon later on this summer. However, most functions are to be held once the renovations are completely finished, as Clark is still in the process of obtaining consent from the council for use of the formerly derelict sections of the building.

Clark, who is currently Activ Group’s managing director, admitted that he had been frustrated by the delays which he experienced in obtaining permission to renovate, but now that the applications are coming through, he is excited to start moving forward, and intends to begin hiring carpenters, plumbers and electricians very soon. He also stated that although he found it frustrating, the delays were essential in order to ensure that the property is treated properly and is renovated in a way which is respectful of its history. Kevin Craffey contractor clients added their own thoughts, saying that they were glad to hear that the building, which has become very run down in recent years, would be returned to its former glory.

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