Kevin Craffey Carpenter: White Oak Demand News for 2013


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- Although white oak lumber saw a drop in use in the 2012 season due to a stagnant economy, contractors like Kevin Craffey contractor for interior home construction and renovations have seen a rise in demand during 2013.

White oak has long been a favorite wood for customers of Kevin Craffey Plymouth and others in the carpentry industry due to its workability and durability, especially under wet conditions which makes it a popular choice with the marine industry as well as those who live in wetter climates. White oak has enjoyed worldwide popularity throughout the centuries by carpenters tasked to construct homes, churches, government buildings, courthouses, ships and even wine barrels.

This popular species of lumber is a good choice in its entire selection of rift, plain sawn, and quartersawn forms and normally outsells red oak. Carpenters such as Kevin Craffey Plymouth enjoy utilizing white oak in area projects because the wood is easy to work with, provides stability, and offers an attractive finish.

Kevin Craffey K&J Interiors customers say that they are drawn to white oak because of its soft sapwood color that ranges from white to a light brown with a complementing light to dark brown heartwood for contrast. White oak grows in North America’s hardwood forests ranging from Florida up into Eastern Canada and reaching westward into the Midwest states.

Markets expect higher demand for white oak in the coming year that will be targeted for use as hardwood flooring by those in the industry like Kevin Craffey carpenter. However, a lesser portion is for use in the furniture making industry where it also enjoys popularity. Woodworking companies such as Kevin Craffey K&J Interiors have a high percentage of home and business owners in the Plymouth area that request white oak flooring.

One problem that is being encountered by carpenters and suppliers across the country is the growing scarcity of white oak lumber for construction, especially when it comes to the availability of wide quartersawn boards. Large, domestic white oak logs are decreasing due to demand with a growing portion of supply salvaged from old estates or even European markets. Because of the scarcity of white oak, it is mainly used now for flooring, furniture, architectural woodworking and arts and crafts.

Due to the high demand of white oak as a flooring wood, clients and carpenters like Kevin Craffey contractor who are considering it for 2013 projects should get it while it is still readily available and less expensive.

Name: Dominic Rutherander
Location: New York City, NY