Kevin Craffey Contractor Reads of Fire in Holcombe Lumber Plant


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2013 -- Clients of Kevin Craffey entrepreneur and carpenter were shocked when they heard of the fire which blazed through one of Holcombe’s most well known lumber manufacturers, Walters Brothers, two days ago. Although fortunately, no one was hurt during the fire, the damaged caused by it is likely to have an effect not only on the employees, but also on the carpenters and building companies who use Walters Brothers as their main supplier of lumber.

Tim Walters, one of the owners, explained that the fire had caused severe damage to what he calls the ‘bag house’, a part of the factor where blown sawdust is collected from pallets. However, Walters is already working on re-building this area, and believes that the work will be completed in less than a fortnight. Without this ‘bag house’, Walters explained, they will not be able operate the vacuum system and this in turn, means that they cannot cut their lumber on site as they usually do. Kevin Craffey Plymouth carpenter read that the lumber company is currently having its panels cut at their other plant in Radisson, and then shipping the lumber back to their plant in Holcombe.

However, this is costing them a significant amount of money, and coupled with the expense of replacing the bag house, the incident is already taking its toll on the company finances. As of yet, the fire department has not been able to determine a cause for the blaze. Clients of Kevin Craffey ma learned from news reports that the fire began just after 9pm, and it took fire brigades from Ladysmith, Sheldon, Bruce, Cadott and Anson six hours to put out the flames.

According to an interview which clients of Kevin Craffey K & J interiors saw on the news, which featured Denny Klass, Cornell Fire Chief, if there hadn’t been a firewall standing between the bag house and the main building, the entire lumber plant would have been lost. As it was, they managed to contain the fire in the bag house and the barker room, and the remaining 300feet of the plant was saved. Klass went onto say that the fire’s embers ended by sparking a grass fire next to the building – this spread for five acres and took an additional three hours to put out. Tim Walters praised all of the fire departments involved in quenching the blaze, saying that he was ‘very impressed’ with how efficient they were. Walters added that the Holcombe plant had been in operation for more than forty years, and that he and his colleagues would make sure that it survived this ordeal.

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