Key Identity Access (TM)

Key Identity Access (TM) Launches Piano Curriculum for Faster Learning

Parents who are interested in helping their child learn how to play the piano quickly and easily can check out the newest curriculum available at


Canby, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/11/2015 -- Multiple studies have shown that teaching a child to play piano can have effects on more than just their ability to play and love music. Playing piano can improve academic skills, especially math, help develop physical skills, encourage discipline and practice, and boost their self-esteem. Many parents admit they want to teach their child to play the piano but are not sure when or how to start.

Key Identity Access (TM) is one company striving to help parents and children work toward these amazing benefits by teaching them fun and easy ways to learn how to play the piano. The kids can learn how to write songs while learning how to play through the Songwriter Superpowers Club and take advantage of online and offline lessons.

Creator and owner Ryan David Dwyer stated, "This course is far different from other piano playing courses. There is no complex terminology, no note reading, and easy to follow hand positioning exercises that help the child learn to play."

These piano lessons for kids are meant to inspire the child's creativity and help them learn a new skill. Parents will learn how to play as well by helping their child do the workbook and practice what is taught in the video lessons. According to the website, this helps parents and children have fun together and creates a bonding experience that could last a lifetime.

The online piano lessons from Key Identity Access (TM) are meant for children ages three to six and their parents. The course includes 12 lessons both online and offline as well as diagrams and hand placement activities to help build dexterity and hand-eye coordination. The course also includes a physical workbook that shows the child exactly what to do.

During the first year of lessons, a child is going to learn the key colors, number colors, language colors, and percussion colors. This helps them recognize the 12 colors as specific keys, numbers, mediums of speech, and rhythmical patterns to help them learn how to play piano and create their own music.

Online lessons take away many of the issues parents have with piano lessons and enables them to teach their own child how to play, even if they don't already know how to play the piano. There's no driving to far away lessons, no consistent lesson time, and the lessons can be done as the parent or child has time.

"We're ready to teach anyone to play the piano," Dwyer stated. "We can help parents learn how to play and teach their child, even if they have never played the piano before. The lessons are simple to understand and perfect for a parent or child to use to learn what they need to know to play the piano."

About Key Identity Access (TM)
The Key Identity Access (TM) program was launched by founder and composer Ryan David Dwyer. He has built an online tutorial site that offers a free private club that does not use note reading or technical jargon. The company offers a hybrid online/offline piano lesson course that helps parents teach their own children how to play the piano with coloring and hand positioning exercises. The company maintains that all human beings have the potential to play the piano and that this can be experienced faster and easier through their approach.