Key Visa Company Offers Guaranteed Visa Service for One's Thai Partner


Central Pattaya, Thailand -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2013 -- Let Key Visa Company pay and handle all your Thai girlfriend’s visa processing expenses until it is released! Then, upon release, that is the only time that you have to pay; and in case you don’t get the visa, you don’t have pay anything. This is the confident promise of Key Visa,  the leading visa processing and consultancy services firm in Thailand.

Key Visa Company is managed by a team of European and Thai staff who have years of training and experience on visa application and processing mainly in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Ireland. They are also the key visa advisors who are steering the company’s helm to success. Key Visa Company, has on its sleeve, more than thirteen years of experience as a visa consultancy in Thailand; hence, they are already very much aware of the “ins and outs” of securing visas having been highly accustomed in the field as a result of their constant transactions with major Embassies in Thailand.

In addition, Key Visa Company, with all its years of experience, has already established a solid network amongst major Embassies that gets them quicker access to visas, compared to having your girlfriend’s visa processed by herself.

Normally, most Thai Nationals and foreigners alike will find it very difficult to obtain an Australian, Irish, or UK visa. More often than not, these loving and responsible Thai women will need help, especially if their partners want their visa applications to be approved at the soonest time possible.

As a caveat to sponsors, some visa processing and consultancy firms would require different kinds of  payments along every step of visa application, often with misleading information or promises. With Key Visa Company, you are guaranteed of a “No Visa, No Pay” policy, and this assurance is serving the clients and the company as well. According to Mr. Jay Mac Donald, one satisfied client.

Paid 5000 deposit and didn't have to pay anymore until we had our holiday visa to the UK, all I can say is use Key Visa! There are a lot of scams out there but rest assured Darren and his team are amazing and legit! Planning to get married in December and will be using Key for everything! Thanks mate and thanks to your team.”

And as if all these were not enough, Key Visa Thailand also provides free legal marriage if you and your partner require a marriage or settlement visa. It is worth noting too that Key Visa Company has also been the Visa adviser for the Pattaya Expats Club for nine consecutive years which is something they are very proud of! Having helped thousands of expats in securing visas for their sweet partners longing for them, Key Visa Company earned a reputation of not only being second to none but also as an honest and respectable limited company that does not lie to clients for their own personal gain.

About Key Visa Company Thailand
Through words of mouth, Key Visa Company is known by Western Expats in Thailand to have highly trained visa consultants dealing with all aspects of Thai Immigration and Migration for Foreigners wishing to reside in the Kingdom of Thailand, and also specializing in visa applications for Thai nationals wishing to travel for a holiday, or settle with their foreign partner overseas. They are very well known for specializing in visas for the UK, Australia and Ireland. They also specialize in legal marriage services for those who might need it. Sponsors wanting an Australian, UK, or Irish visas for their warm and caring girlfriends in Thailand are only required to pay a 5,000bht deposit upfront, with the rest payable when the visa is received. Funds will even be refunded if they are disappointed with the service. Apparently, these are clear indicators that Key Visa Company Thailand is confident that they can secure your girlfriend a visa which is the key to your warm unification.

Key Visa Company Thailand is your one stop visa shop!

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