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Key West Magician Exposes Booking Birthday Party Magic Show Tips for Parents


Key West, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/26/2012 -- Key West, Florida Magician Exposes Birthday Party Magic Show Booking Tips for Parents or "The 8 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Key West, Florida Magician!"

Before you make any decision about hiring a Key West Magician, make sure you ask anyone you are considering the following 8-questions. Trust me; it will save you a LOT of headaches and hassles later.

Ask them...

1. Are you back-ground checked? The truth is, 97%+ of Key West Magicians and entertainers are NOT back- ground checked. If you are going to let someone you have never met into your home or other party/event place, you want to make sure they are legitimate.

2. Do you have any references? Many Key West Magicians are good but some are not. You really do not want to "chance" your party/event to someone which is not going to come through for you. This extra "reassurance" will make your life a lot more relaxing the day of the party or event.

3. Are you a full-time Magician? Many birthday party magicians are only part-time and their skills are just not refined for every audience. I am not saying part-time magicians are not qualified, but be sure to ask the other questions here before hiring them; as they usually do not have the same experience.

4. How do I know you will show up for the party or event? The truth is, many entertainers have a bad reputation for showing-up late, or worse yet, not even showing up! Make sure the magician is going to send you a confirmation letter and/or asks you for a deposit so you know they really will show!

5. What ages are your magic shows appropriate for? In order to have the best show and party ever, you must ask the magical entertainer what ages their magic show is good for. If they tell you its perfect for every age.. Every Key West Magician is unique and only works for a certain age range. Only a few can engage children and adult audiences too - - this is a vital question to ask!!!

6. Once the show is over, do you leave right away to do another party? Most entertainers are notorious for trying to pack in WAY too many shows for the day. Make sure the person you hire is actually going to stay after the show and at least do a "meet and greet" for your guests. A Prima Donna is NOT what you want at your event. Choose someone who is actually going to be friendly to your guests and answer those questions after the show like, "How did you get into magic", "How did you do that!" (alright, well maybe they can not answer THAT one!)

7. Do you guarantee your magic show? 99%+ of Key West Magicians do not guarantee their services. If you do not like it, they say oh well and hope you will not tell anyone. Make sure they have a money-back guarantee so if you are not happy, you do not pay.

8. Are you FULLY-INSURED? Many magicians are good however if you book someone who does not take what they do serious enough to not invest in performers insurance you should really take caution.

I hope this helps in your search for the person to make your Key West, FL party or event the one they will talk about this year!

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Breth is a full-time entertainer who loves what he does for a living which shines through during each show. He is the one who can please the brilliant CEO, have a room of “know-it-all” teenagers eating from his hand and grasping at every magic trick or give all the children in a birthday party a serious case of the sillies while they are giggling and clapping, ohhing and ahhing with amazement!