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Keyrenter Property Management Launches Campaign to Balance Impact of Housing Trends

Utah company offers support in light of growing movement toward rental properties


Midvale, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2014 -- According to reports from the real estate industry, mortgage rates in Utah continue to rise while rental rates hold a relatively steady stance, rapidly closing the gap in the financial advantage of buying a home over renting. These trends in the housing market are affecting those hoping to sell their homes as well as potential buyers, leading to a surge in the rental category from both ends of the spectrum. With this in mind, Aaron Marshall of Key Renter Property Management in Salt Lake City has launched a campaign to assist those impacted by the current housing movement.

Said Marshall, "Although purchasing a home has traditionally been less expensive than renting, the flow of the market is balancing the scales. Hopeful buyers are becoming painfully aware of this fact as they search for a new home; likewise, homeowners face the effects when placing their homes on the market. The purpose of our services is to help offset the consequences of this progression."

Climbing home prices coupled with mounting interest rates leave many potential buyers hesitant to invest in home ownership while the lingering fallout from previous economic degradation restricts home loan eligibility for others. Though renters must initially provide a security deposit plus first and last months' rent, this amount is considerably lower than a down payment on a home. Like lending institutions, rental property owners require credit and background checks; however, the eligibility guidelines in this case are typically much less stringent than those of home loans. In light of this, would-be buyers are progressively favoring rental homes.

With the purchasing public dwindling, homeowners are facing increasing difficulty in selling their homes. Many see their homes stagnating on the market for months or years before selling whereas those who do manage to find buyers are often forced to accept far less than fair market value. Rather than endure extensive waiting periods or risk losing profits, a growing number of those in such situations are realizing the benefits of renting out their properties. After making this decision, though, property owners often find the maintenance and bookkeeping involved in this type of endeavor to be overwhelming.

Keyrenter Property Management caters to both the maintenance and accounting responsibilities of rental property owners, covering all aspects of the process from finding tenants and enforcing adherence to rental agreements to ensuring proper upkeep of the properties during and between occupation periods. Doubling as a rental company, they facilitate the process of finding a home for those seeking rentals, placing them in homes that meet their space and location needs.

Marshall concluded, "Since our staff includes certified maintenance technicians and accounting professionals, our Utah property management services save landlords a great deal of time, effort and money. Our extensive knowledge and resources also reduce the amount of stress often associated with being a tenant. We strive to ensure the satisfaction of our property owning clients as well as our renters."

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