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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/02/2016 -- Khalid Zidan, a young blogger and entrepreneur who now runs a number of successful web enterprises, recently declared that he will be sharing entrepreneurial success tips and tricks which he had never shared before. He told the press that his blog site, has been set up for sharing free tips and he is not interested in monetizing the site.

"I have made a fortune by using the most obscure affiliate marketing tactics. Sometimes I have failed, sometimes I have succeeded. At present, there are quite a few sites that yield money for me. However, the sole purpose of setting up this is to share the things that I have learnt during my entrepreneurial journey", said Khalid at the beginning of a press event organized by his PR group at a hotel in Dubai.

Khalid Zidan is a 31 years old entrepreneur and blogger who has struggled a lot in his life to achieve entrepreneurial success. According to him, entrepreneurial success is not a low hanging fruit and one has to have the courage of facing the adversities and failure. "Failures truly are the biggest pillars of success. I have been into SEO, SEM, affiliate marketing, doorshipping and many other businesses and I have seen both good and bad times. It's the entrepreneurial spirit and self-confidence that prevents someone from going broke. The moment someone loses faith in himself, he enters an endless loop of failure", he commented at the press conference.

The young entrepreneur hinted that he would be sharing the sites, portals and other resources that he has collated patiently through all these years with people who would be joining him on his entrepreneurial journey. "People who have interest in SEO, online marketing, affiliate marketing and everything else that requires perseverance but guarantees huge income every month may contact me through my social media pages or my websites. I would be happy to help them out with insider secrets", Khalid said. "I have also plans to publish an ebook sometime this year", he added before signing off.

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