Anthony “Amp” Elmore

Kickbox Champ Scores Big Hit for His Safari Initiative


Memphis, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2012 -- 5 time World Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion Anthony “Amp” Elmore from Memphis, Tennessee could not get an “Act of Congress of Congress but he got his Congressman to act.” Elmore is represented in the 9th Congressional District in Memphis, Tennessee by Congressman Steve Cohen. Steve Cohen is the only White Congressman in America representing a majority African American District. Elmore asked Congressman Cohen to arrange a meeting with Kenya Ambassador Elkanah Odembo. Elmore drove 16 hours from Memphis, Tennessee to Washington D.C. to meet Ambassador Odembo at Congressman Cohen’s office Tuesday February 7, 2012. Congressman Cohen could not stay for the meeting in that he was in session and had to return to session to vote. Ambassador Odembo had to move to his next appointment. Elmore after driving 16 hours found himself sitting in a room with a United States Congressman and the Ambassador to the Republic of Kenya. Elmore felt like he was back in the Kickboxing ring in the 12th and final round like he had been knocked down behind on the judges score cards and the clock ticking away. Elmore in his mind; “I drove 16 hours and I got a U.S. Congressman and the Kenya Ambassador watching their watches.” ( see the Safari Initiative

Elmore explained to Ambassador Odembo about his “Safari Initiative.” Safari is an acronym; “Styled African Family Application Renaissance Initiative.” The “Safari Initiative” plan calls for the Kenya or African leader to pick up the Gauntlet of Dr. Martin Luther King and re-connect African and African American people. The Safari Initiative calls for the World 1st Homecoming Celebration whereas African Americans are for the 1st Time in history honored with a State Reception officially welcoming African Americans to the Continent of Africa. Elmore is asking the Republic of Kenya to host this 2015 historic celebration. Elmore’s vision is for President Barack Obama to be the Key note speaker. Elmore posted this vision in a YouTube video 6 months ago. Elmore has been trying to make a personal connection to Kenya Prime minster Raila Odinga to ask the Prime Minister to visit Memphis, Tennessee. Memphis, Tennessee is the Cotton Capital of the world. Also Memphis was once the “Slave Capitol of the World.” Elmore notes that it is significant that an African leader come to Memphis, TN and acknowledge the African family. We African Americans are citizens of America, but we are family to Africa and African people. We must 1st bring our family together. Elmore in 1990 visited Kenya to promote a movie about his life story called the “Contemporary Gladiator.” Elmore sat in a tent in Kenya and cried tears noting his African Ancestors admonishing him to tell Africans in America to come home to their family in Africa. Elmore took groups to Kenya for a decade. Later he traveled to Ghana and became an African designer. Elmore learned how to bring African products to a 21st Century America. Elmore created the 1st “All African home in America” and he designed an African style Tuxedo for President Obama that was accepted by the Whitehouse President Obama sent Elmore a thank you note.

Elmore returned to Memphis after meeting with Kenya Ambassador Elkanah Odembo and he called his friend State Representative G.A. Hardaway. Representative Hardaway is the Vice Chairman of the State of Tennessee Black Caucus. Representative Hardaway says that we must give the Kenya Prime Minister an official State Reception and arrange a trade deal with Kenya. Elmore notes; this is exactly what the Safari Initiative represents. Elmore says that it is critical for Kenya Prime Minister Odinga to visit Memphis. The Tea Party has put forth a controversial resolution to remove Slavery from the student text books in Tennessee. We are going to defy the Tea Party by bringing our African and African American family together and stating no more Old South and Slavery in the World. One writer wrote “Truth Crushed to Earth shall rise again.” The Tea Party cannot hide Truth slavery happened.