Kickboxing Is Dead!!! MMAXOUT Fitness Is Bringing Life Back Into the Gyms


Provo, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2013 -- MMAXOUT Fitness brings unsatisfied healthy Americans a pioneering new development of body transformation that is taking the nation by storm. Everyone who elicits any effort into personal fitness will not only be able to effectively use but reap unbelievable benefits from MMAXOUT’s well developed program.

MMAXOUT initiates a body reformation through shocking the muscles, retraining muscle memory, building cardio, and improving balance while lengthening and creating a leaner look. This total body transformation is accomplished through a pulsating, heart pounding, and body throbbing workout. MMAXOUT’s five day agenda allows users to develop a solid foundation of the skills and exercises within the program making it easy to use. What keeps MMAXOUT Fitness constantly stimulating and effective is the use of multiple concepts that diversify each workout week to week.

Specifically, MMAXOUT uses an interval timed structure creating explosions in the muscles, pushing fat as the body’s energy source and facilitating the body as a fat burning machine. Large muscle groups are also targeted using high repetitions and muscle tearing in order to expose and define. To intensify MMAXOUT’s already gut wrenching workout, we use a building and maintenance approach to cardio through continual movement with body weight and plyometric fundamentals.

The intricacies of MMAXOUT combine what experts in mixed martial arts have used for years to create pristine fighters. Everyone from the age of 14 to the age of 62 has supported and gained increasing interest in the most competitive sport today, MMA. This has become apparent through the mass media explosion MMA has had internationally through the UFC, WEC and more. What this market is looking for is an effective and user friendly MMA conditioning program committed to the quality and results our unique blend of strength and conditioning provide for a total body workout.

MMAXOUT presents the solution to this starving unfulfilled market. Consumers need a product they can use at home without spending money on equipment and without feeling they need to possess any skill level. We guarantee that MMAXOUT can personally train every user through their home television. Investing in MMAXOUT’s unique program will benefit everyone from the inside out, transforming a fat America into a fit America, one household at a time.

We are a group of dedicated personal trainers and fitness coaches with an atmosphere of support and camaraderie to anyone willing to put in the work. We're a coaching and training facility--not a gym. You don't pay for use of equipment you don't use; you're paying for top-notch coaching and instruction to ensure your success in all aspects of fitness training and nutrition. Each time you come and train, you will be coached under the supervision of a certified Trainer, and each workout is designed to teach you proficiency that will get you better results than you've ever had in the past. We offer superior training, instruction and motivation; you can’t find a personal trainer or a gym that can offer you that.

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