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Vancouver, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2013 -- No matter on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, every campaign creator needs many backers to support your project. If a crowdfunding project owner wants to raise enough money, the vital key point is letting more people know the campaign. This part can help! They have been focusing at Internet marketing and promoting for over 13 years, it is easy for them to create a powerful Press Release for the crowd funding project and push it up to TOP 5 spot on Google News daily, based on the campaign's keywords.

Everyday, hundreds of thousands of journalists, bloggers and social media leaders are searching and reading Google News for stories. When they have chance to see the news, stories and press releases about a crowdfunding campaign, and the campaign attracts attention of them, they will spread this campaign out. Of course, this will help it succeed.

For a small fee, will push the Press Release to Top 5 spot on Google News. If they can not finish it within 5 days, they will redo it for free. If it fails again and the client is not satisfied with the news' ranking, they will refund. 10-day refund guarantee!

Campaign creators just need to provide their crowdfunding's basic information (press release text, picture, video) and a keyword phrase (at least 3 words and 10 characters), will deal with the rest. Multiple orders are welcome, and offers 40% off discount for return customers.

Generally, if the campaign is not in a highly competitive niche, the Press Release could stay 2~3 days in top 5 spot, and in top 10 spot for around 1 week or so. If the campaign is interesting enough, the idea is attractive enough, thousands of journalists, bloggers and social media leaders will like to spread it out.

if the campaign creator provides their own edition of press release, will use it. If not, will create one according to the campaign content on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, and it is free. The keyword should be a 3 or more words phrase, and at least as long as 10 characters. If the campaign creator is not sure how to pick a good keyword phrase, can choose one for free.

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