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Kickstarter Campaign Is Launched to Raise Funds for Innovative VO Gloves


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/27/2013 -- Eric Vaughn, a young man from Sandy, Utah, has just launched a fundraising campaign on the Kickstarter crowd funding platform to try to raise money to fund the production of his high-quality VO Gloves. The zipper access cold weather gloves are ideal for everyday use as well as for winter sports.

The timing for the fundraiser to produce the innovative gloves could not be any better; winter is here in full force and around the country, people are struggling to keep their hands warm. From people who work in the cold weather and those who are shoveling snow, cold weather photographers and videographers to skiers, snowboarders and ice skaters who are enjoying time out in the cold weather, many peoples’ hands are in need of some serious warming.

However, because Eric understands first hand that people who are wearing gloves often need to do other tasks that involve taking them off—for example, when sending a text, taking a photo, or making a phone call—he wanted to create gloves that would allow people to do those things, only without the cumbersome task of removing the gloves completely. This is what inspired him to invent the zipper gloves, which allows wearers to access their hands without breaking the glove/coat seal.

“We have found the optimal location for an opening on a glove that allows for quick and convenient access to hands, letting you keep your gloves on,” Eric wrote in an article that accompanies his fundraising page on Kickstarter.

“When you can put your gloves or mitts on one time, and establish the seal with your coat to keep out cold air and snow, and then you don’t have to do those steps again for the rest of the day…. you have just saved a bunch of time you can use being more involved in your activity.”

“It has been normal to have to remove your gloves for getting in your pockets, now everything is just a zip away. No more wasted time, no more dropped gloves, regulate the temperature of your hands, quick dry at the end of the day, gloves OR mittens, VO Gloves are the solution.”

Because Eric wants to raise enough money to work with an extremely high quality glove manufacturer, he began to research fundraising websites. When he learned that many start ups received funding for their innovative inventions through Kickstarter, he decided to launch his campaign on the site.

While anyone can wear the VO Gloves, Eric said he plans to make gloves and mittens that are specific for women and children, as well as certain activities like hunting and fishing, construction work, and mountain biking, general cold weather, etc.

About VO Gloves
VO Gloves are zipper access cold weather gloves that were created by Eric Vaughn of Sandy, Utah. The idea having come to him on a ski lift at one of Utah’s many resorts. The gloves can be easily unzipped so that users can have access to their hands when needed. Eric has recently launched a fundraiser on the Kickstarter website. For more information, please visit http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/332418412/vo-gloves-vaughn-originals?ref=live