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Kickstarter Campaign Launched for "CATALYST Series"


North Hollywood, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2015 -- The CATALYST Series is a Web series which involves a murder mystery enveloping a group of friends who decided to venture out into the woods to shoot a horror film. It takes a drastic turn when a murder of a cast member propels the group in to a thriller of their own. The pilot episode "Time to Kill Ya!" has been uploaded to YouTube Catalyst channel, however the rest of web series is currently under development and requires assistance of the generous crowd who support new talent and creative project that draw attention of the audience towards issues that are most often brushed under the rug. Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign has been launched for CATALYST Web Series to raise the fund goal of at least $7,000 by Wednesday, Jul 1, 2015.

"If Pretty Little Liars and I Know What You Did Last Summer had a love child, it would be CATALYST Series. An LGBT suspenseful thriller centered on a murder mystery, when a group of friends decide to venture out into the woods to shoot a horror film, one of them ends up dead. But it's not long before we learn the victim's death was no accident. How well do you know your friends!? Murder knocks out the competition in this high tension drama. "

Intertwined within the story is an LGBT issue that highlights some people's attitude towards homosexuality. The lead character, Max Montgomery, played by Terrence Edmonds is a bi-sexual and is dating a guy who wishes to keep the relationship a secret. Adding to the complications, Max has to deal with to solve the murder mystery that makes him question the intentions of all his friends and peers.

Besides acting in the series, Terrence Edmonds has also written the LGBT horror and will also be directing the series. Terrence Edmonds is a strong believer of manifesting your own destiny; he believes one is the creator of their own reality. He continues to make his dreams come true. He is ambitious about the project and has set the date for filming the remaining series from August 2015 after the funding goal has been successfully achieved. According to the project pitch, the US $7,000 will cover the filming costs for the remaining 12 episodes of the season.

The generosity of those who contribute will be rewarded with various perks, according to the amount of money contributed.

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About Terrence Edmonds
Terrence Edmonds is working on major network shows like CW's remake of 90210 as Gavin and TNT's Major Crimes as Latino gangster Juan Carlos Diaz. Look for him this year in MTV's AWKWARD, Tove Lo's music video, and indie film Gentlemen's Fury.

Terrence Edmonds
North Hollywood, CA