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KickStarter Campaign Launched for Emerald Ice: A Docufantasy About Diane Wakoski


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/31/2016 -- Jesseca Simmons launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign on March 16, 2016 for Emerald Ice. Emerald Ice is a hybrid documentary that will screen the beautiful poetry of the legendary American poet, Diane Wakoski. This 16 min hybrid movie will consist of different chapters that will revolve around Diane Wakoski's timeless beautiful poetry.

"Emerald Ice is a cinematic odyssey exploring the mind of the American poet Diane Wakoski. This short hybrid documentary (16 min), or docufantasy, brings to the screen her work--the sprawling beauty that is Diane's emotional spectrum. Diane's biography says that if we want to know anything about her we must look to her poetry. Emerald Ice takes Diane at her word. Instead of biographical interviews, the film only uses excerpts from Diane's poetry", stated Jesseca Simmons while explaining the details about her experimental documentary.

Jesseca Simmons launched this Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in order to pledge much needed $5,000 that she has planned to use to polish off and complete the last but the most important things like paying the application fees of festival, arranging marketing materials, community outreach and getting this short hybrid documentary's sound mixing done professionally to ensure top-quality sound throughout the movie. But, for Kickstarter to fund this project she would require to pledge $5,000 or more by Wed, Apr 6 2016 5:57 PM PDT and the good news is that this project has already pledged more than half of its target - $3,317, with 7 days still to go. Jesseca Simmons is completely sure and positive about the fact that this project will pledge $5,000 well before time.

Jesseca has always been a devoted admirer of the beautiful poetry of Diane Wakoski. She has studied her work for several years before she started making this short hybrid documentary about the timeless poetry of Diane Wakoski. "Emerald Ice will take the viewer on a journey that will explore Diane Wakoski's fearless meditation on intimacy and mortality in hopes of gaining a glimpse of the different worlds inside her and give more credence to our own", stated Jesseca Simmons.

About Jesseca Simmons
Jesseca Simmons - the director of Emerald Ice, is a filmmaker from Watsonville, CA. She is BA in Politics from University of California, Santa Cruz. She has been fortunate enough to have her work screened both nationally and internationally. She recently was a Southern Exposure Film Fellow for the Southern Environmental Law Center in Birmingham, AL. For more information and details about Emerald Ice's crowdfunding campaign

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