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KickStarter Campaign Launched to Bring the Adventure of Lyrics and His Puppy to the World


Oklahoma City, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2015 -- S. Patrick O'Brien has launched a KickStarter campaign to raise funds for a middle-grade action adventure, a children's book about a young boy named Lyrics and his puppy, which are forced into an adventure to save the universe with help from some very original characters. The KickStarter campaign's goal is to raise $8,295 by Sat, Mar 7. The money raised will be allotted to the purpose of production, promotion, marketing and distribution through Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. Patrick reports that the bedtime story is 95% complete and in final editing stage at the time when the crowdfunding campaign was launched.

"Once upon a time, there lived a young boy named Lyrics. While one would normally think that such a name would imply that the boy was musically inclined; that was not the case. In fact, Lyrics was so terribly unable to even whistle or hum a simple melody that each time he tried, his best friend Gator, who was the boy's faithful puppy, would run away and cover his ears and his eyes with his furry little paws. Gator was a spaniel with soft but short brown hair." – Excerpt from Lyrics' Melody, A Bedtime Story

The bedtime story has been written to teach kids about music and confidence weaved within the 16k+ words story are important lessons about self-confidence, friendships, kindness, compassion and stereotyping which the lead character Lyrics learns and will also teach kids listening or reading Lyrics' story. Love and kindness, learning about one's self and the ills of stereotyping play a significant part in upbringing a child. On his adventure Lyrics is helped by his friends and mystical creatures, which includes his slightly older sister Genevieve, his puppy Gator, a seven-foot tall centurion-centipede named Mr. Edlemyre, the Elfin Queen Dises (who, at times, resembles a praying mantis), the terrible witch Baba Yaga and a glowing mushroom helping out with the direction.

The project requires the generosity of parents and lovers of kid literature books to pledge $8,295 by Sat, Mar 7, pledgers will receive a copy of the finished book in the format of their choice after the project has been successfully funded and completed.

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About Lyrics' Melody
Lyrics' Melody, A Bedtime Story is an original 16k+ words, middle-grade action Adventure, Lyrics and his puppy save the universe with help from some very original characters.

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