Kickstarter Campaign Launched to Help You Make the Most of Your Time

The project is about a suite of tools that help people follow their passions by showing them the time they have available to them outside of their day to day tasks.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/12/2014 -- At Half Three, Lauren & Andy Clark have been working to create well designed products to help others to make the most of their time and follow their passions. After the success of their free downloadable wall planner over the New Year, they have been working on the Day Tickets which form the focus of their Kickstarter project.

Day Tickets are not a standard diary or notebook. Each ticket can be filled out with the day’s events focusing on the time before and after work or school to ensure that users can really see what time is available to them and plan to fill that time with all of things they love to do but never quite seem to find time for. They can use these to think ahead so that instead of just passing time, they write the next chapter of their book or plan a camping trip for next weekend. The Day Tickets can be pulled out and stuck on the fridge or pin board for easy viewing for sharing with the household or left in the notebook for safekeeping - whatever works best for them.

A key part of Half Three’s design revolves around ensuring they have chosen the right materials and people to work with to create their products. They have worked hard up until now to ensure that their Day Ticket Planner will be made from environmentally friendly recycled, recyclable and sustainable materials to minimize the impact on the environment while achieving the standard of quality and finish that will make people proud to own it.

Lauren & Andy have come to Kickstarter for many reasons including helping raise money and also for the exposure that it offers. However, the main reason that they have come to Kickstarter is that they feel that this form of funding aligns with the values of Half Three as part of a supportive and generous community who understand the value and thrill of following their dreams.

This project will only be funded if at least £5,500 is pledged by Thu, Jun 5 2014 2:30 AM +05:30.

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