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KickStarter Campaign Launched to Raise Funds for CivilianCam, an App as Defense for Police Brutality


Shawnee, KS -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2015 -- Due to the increasing occurrences of police brutality to which there is low accountability, the civil society is beginning to protest and is asking for accountability for the police. One such civilian who believes in accountability is Terry, to protect civilians, save lives stop police brutality by arming them with a simple tool which could protect them at their time of need.

Terry is developing an app record users surroundings anytime to the internet where it will be protected until called upon by the owner of the phone on which the app was installed. The proposed app will be called CivilianCam; to fund the development of the app Terry has launched a crowdfunding campaign of Kickstarter. Terry hopes to raise at least $2,200,000 by Fri, Jun 26 2015, which he will use to fund location for the servers, the multiple serves that the app will require to store the videos on, and finally the developers who will develop an app that needs to run smoothly due to the importance of the data it collects.

Terry explained: "Say there is a situation where you're being pulled over or wittiness an incident. You believe the officer or perpetrator involved is acting irresponsibly or even dangerously. You want to do something, but the individual takes away your phone as you are recording. With CivilianCam, even if they take your phone, the app will still record the video and simultaneously upload it to CivilianCam servers."

The app starts recording as soon as the user his the record button in the app and the recording will only stop when the phone is unlocked or damaged, the video will also be protected by a pattern lock set by the user. Because the video will be stored directly on an off location server via the internet damage to the phone will not destroy the video. The app will be available for free, with ads for Android and iOS. The law does not prohibit filming in a public place or a police officer and the video can serve as proof of a police brutality incident.

Terry also said: "This app is not meant to sully the names or reputations of law enforcement officers. This app is a way to protect yourself in situations where you feel mistreated by officers, as well as to protect officers that feel mistreated by civilians. CivilianCam promotes accountability as well as protection."

Contributors will be given various perks according to the amount funded to help build an app that would save lives.

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About Terry Grimes
Terry describes himself as a person with a vision, a world in which everyday people with everyday technology can protect themselves from maltreatment. Terry has an IT background.

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