Tyler McNamer

Kickstarter Campaign Running to Help Young Man with Autism Finish Book

Seattle, WA writer working on book describing his life seeing the world as a person with Autism.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2013 -- Researchers have noted for a number of years how social networking has been able to help people experiencing autism by helping facilitate a connection to the larger world. One researcher on the subject of autism in the UK was quoted last year in the Guardian newspaper as explaining how computers help those with autism function socially by, "simplify[ing] communication by stripping out facial and vocal emotional expressions and slowing it down using email instead of face-to-face real-time modes."

A Kickstarter campaign is running to help a young man, Tyler McNamer, finish a book about his personal experiences with autism. The book is called Population One, and the Kickstarter campaign can be found at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tylermcnamer/population-one-autism-adversity-and-the-will-to-su

What is most interesting about Tyler McNamer writing a book is that he was non-verbal until eight years-old and wrote his first sentence at the age of twelve years-old. Tyler McNamer experiences the world as an autistic and his book seeks to share his unique perception of the world to the rest of us. He says of writing Population One, "At the beginning of the book, I thought of making this book describing why I felt so isolated in the world and why I can’t be with others because of my autism."

Population One is a journey of awakening to the possibilities of an individual with autism connecting to the larger world by reaching out with his writing. In discussing his experiences growing up McNamer says, "There have been a countless number of times when I was rejected by my peers because of my difference. All I can say is 'I was born with it and I’m still cool.' I thought of a plan to create my own group - a group where everyone is accepted just the way they are. I can start by giving the world one of my greatest achievements."

Among the experiences Tyler McNamer relates in Population One are:

- Growing up with autism, its obstacles and benefits.
- How to adapt and succeed regardless of life’s challenges.
- How disabilities include special gifts.
- What is true leadership and its role in conflict resolution.
- School bullying and ways to eliminate it.
- Embracing change even when it is unwanted
- Teamwork and leveraging everyone’s talents to make a better organization
- Putting aside differences to co-exist peacefully

On his Kickstarter campaign Tyler McNamer sums up Population One by saying, "But what it’s really about is my experience of seeing the world differently. Unfortunately I cannot see the world the same as anyone else, and it goes the same for everyone else in the world."

Tyler McNamer
Seattle, WA