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Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign Launched for Wiper Cleaning Assembly


Columbus, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2015 -- Abdulkadir Ali has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for his project "Wiper Cleaning Assembly" which he believes will safely and effectively removes dangerous buildup from windshield wipers without stopping the vehicle. Ali has developed a simple yet innovative way of solving a common problem with windshield wipers. The aim of the crowdfunding campaign is to raise at least $25,000 is pledged by Mon, May 25 2015 which will fund the final production of the Wiper Cleaning Assembly, marketing and distribution expenses.

Ali explains the issue most drivers have to deal with, a little rain, a little drizzle or maybe a splash from a puddle or a gutter maybe nothing until one hits the windshield wipers, which takes away the water yet leaves behinds streaks which hamper the drivers ability to see clearly through the windshield and there is no other way but to stop and clean the glass before moving on. The solution Abdulkadir Ali devised is a system that cleans and removes residue from a moving wiper blade, it keeps the driver from having to stop the car to clean the wiper blades.

The residue and build can wreak havoc on the life span of the windshield wipers and the windshield itself. dirty or broken, it can lead to scratches, streaks or obstructed views in even the mildest conditions A windshield plays an important role in the structural integrity of a vehicle, a small scratch can become a great danger to the safety of the car and the people inside it as the windshield provides up to 35% of a vehicle's structural strength, driving a vehicle with its visual safety compromised is extremely dangerous especially during rain or snow.

Ali explains: "The entire mechanism consists of a stationary pad over which the wiper blade moves. Each pass of the wiper blade over the pad cleans excess debris and residue off the blade and keeps the wiper from dirtying the windshield. This process works for rain, sleet, freezing rain and road debris. A heating element built into the system is also quite effective on ice."

The assembly will fit most cars, the use of this will not be limited to cars, boats, airplanes, trains, and any other mode of transportation with windshield will benefit from the invention. Ali will be giving away various perks to the people who contribute to the project.

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About Abdulkadir Ali
Abdulkadir Ali currently lives in Columbus, Oh. A businessman and a creative person, he has invented over a dozen inventions. In 1995 he received two US Patents 1- Teethered Baby Walker 2- US Presidential Board Game and currently have four US patent pending.

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