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Kickstarter Documentary Projects Features New Film


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2014 -- A new film project, a prison reform documentary: From the Inside Out, is one of the latest Kickstarter Documentary projects. As the title implies, it chronicles prisoner transformation through coaching: From the Inside Out.

The documentary’s concept is the product of multiple people, most notably Patrick Williams, a psychologist and leadership coach, and Talib M. Shakir, a man who experienced radical positive transformation while growing up in the prison system.

Williams learned of Shakir’s story when Shakir reached out to him to share his story. Since their meeting, the two have forged a friendship.

“Talib's time in prison has been met with many opportunities to grow in terms of education, experience and knowledge,” said Williams. “Through his writings, Talib seeks to bridge the gap of communication between the outside world and those currently serving time in America’s prisons.”

Shakir is the director and founder of the Reconstruct Program, an organization focused on crime prevention and helping inmates have productive lifestyles while incarcerated. Through different programs and philosophies, Shakir was able to radically improve his life. He now seeks to do the same in the lives of others who are in prison.

“While in prison, Talib has taken every opportunity to reevaluate his life and turn it around for the better,” said Williams. “He came to understand what it takes for someone to break the cycle of violence, crime and recidivism, even in the face of a complex and dysfunctional judicial system.”

Williams added that Shakir’s story, along with the stories of the men who have shared his journey, are compelling. Moreover, Shakir’s story has the power to transform the lives of those currently in the prison system.

Through the documentary’s in-depth interviews and case studies, Williams plans on making the case for productive programs in our prisons, ones that empower inmates and provide them the tools to emerge as individuals with positive outlooks.

According to the film’s fundraising website, Williams and his team are ready to begin production, but they need help to cover the costs for a variety of production needs. Individuals who are interested in helping support the documentary are invited to visit the film’s fundraising page on Kickstarter.com.

About “From the Inside Out”
“From the Inside Out” is a documentary film project that plans to explore the story of one man’s radical positive transformation within the prison system and his work to help other succeed as he did. For more information, visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1685939077/from-the-inside-out-a-prison-documentary