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Kickstarter Gaming Campaign for VStation Launches on Kickstarter.com

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Montreal, QC -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/27/2013 -- VStation, a virtual reality gaming center where patrons will be able to immerse themselves in the experience of playing their favorite games as they never have before, is pleased to announce that they have begun a Kickstarter gaming campaign to raise money to launch their new business. VStation will feature the latest virtual reality technologies from companies that are on the cutting edge of what is now being seen as a revolution that promises to change the future of gaming.

Video games provide a way for people to immerse themselves in mysterious and exciting situations they do not encounter in their daily lives, but VStation takes these experiences and transforms them into something much more vivid and real. With VStation players are able to view a 360 degree gaming environment in which they can run, jump, fire a weapon, ride a roller coaster or race their favorite car, and the synaptic carpet at VStation will allow players to use their arms and legs for movement, just like they would in real life.

The virtual reality machines at VStation work with any game that uses a mouse and keypad, which means that players are able to play the games they love in a way that allows them to become even more closely involved in the action. Equipped with full multi-player capabilities, VStation virtual center also provides a great way for families to come together and participate in an activity that everyone can enjoy.

The possibilities will be almost endless at VStation, which plans to offer virtual tourism in foreign countries as just one of their many unique options. And golfers will love VStation’s high definition indoor golf course with extremely accurate feedback that features the latest in simulation technology to give players a truly lifelike experience.

Anyone who supports VStation will be helping to create a place where people will have the opportunity to have fun with friends and family and connect with others through the best virtual reality they have ever experienced. A few of the enticing rewards VStation is offering include free passes and memberships to VStation, t-shirts, recognition on the special “thank you” section of the website, and even the opportunity to host the inauguration day celebration. Anyone who is interested in becoming a valuable part of this revolutionary new gaming venue is encouraged to visit the Kickstarter website to learn more.

About VStation
With all the new technologies already available and all those on the road to be, VStation has the chance to create a virtual place that will feature all the best game simulators ever known. There will be a place in the center of the main room where virtual simulators will be placed that include goggles for total immersion and a synaptic carpet so that when players run physically they will run in the game too. First person shooter games will be aligned together to facilitate teamwork while playing with groups on LAN or online. Along the walls and all around the main room there will be big screen televisions for playing with friends and for interacting with them visually (because with the simulators, the player is totally totally in the game). There will be another section for golf fans. Virtual golf simulators will be available, so players will be able to play their favorite sport even during winter. Plus, while people play golf games the kids will be on the other side of the building playing with their friends (instead of playing in their rooms), and players will be able to reconnect together after each game.

For more more information please visit http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/18357532/vstation.