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KickstartmyAds.com Launches Crowdfunding Marketing Service to Gain Supporters Through Facebook


Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2014 -- KickstartmyAds.com, the online company specializing in driving supporters to crowdfunding marketing campaigns, is pleased to announce the launch of a new service that makes it easy for fundraisers to gain targeted supporters through Facebook.

KickstartmyAds.com is recognized for providing an efficient, reliable, and results-oriented approach to driving supporters to crowdfunding campaigns. Using advanced targeting techniques to reach the most appropriate audiences on Facebook, KickstartmyAds.com ensures that their clients will always be able to find lucrative supporters.

“Our goal is results, not Facebook Likes or Tweets. We know what your campaign really needs to get the support you’re looking for,” an article from KickstartmyAds.com noted.

KickstartmyAds.com was founded by a group of online marketing experts who have discovered the most effective methods for boosting traffic through Facebook advertising campaigns. The professionals at KickstartmyAds.com are passionate about applying their knowledge to help crowdfunders meet their fundraising goals, and the results they achieve speak for themselves.

The process of launching a targeted Facebook advertising campaign for crowdfunding begins when the client provides the details of his or her project, which allows KickstartmyAds.com to research target markets, create quality ads, and design previews for the client’s approval. Once the client is 100 percent satisfied with the results, KickstartmyAds.com launches the campaign and follows up with reports and analysis.

“Our quality ads are specifically designed for promoting crowdfunding campaigns like yours. Crowdfunders on Kickstarter.com and Indiegogo.com depend on us to drive critical support during their campaign,” an article from KickstartmyAds.com noted.

KickstartmyAds.com offers several packages and pricing options to accommodate the budgets of a variety of campaigns. The most basic package, priced at under $200, provides full promotional services, crowdfunding audience targeting, Facebook ads creation, a mini advertising campaign, post-ad reports, and the ability to reach more than 2,500 targeted Facebook users.

More advance options include up to five Facebook ad campaigns, three live ad reports/updates, advanced Facebook I.D. targeting, custom user I.D. targeting, custom user content targeting, and the ability to reach more than 14,000 pro-targeted Facebook users.

Anyone who would like to gain a measurable boost to his or her crowdfunding campaign is invited to visit KickstartmyAds.com to learn more about the benefits of launching a targeted Facebook marketing campaign.

About KickstartmyAds.com
KickstartMyAds was created for crowdfunders by crowdfunders. Kickstart My Ads is the only service that makes it easy for live crowdfunding projects to drive new supporters from Facebook. Our goal is results, not Facebook Likes or Tweets. For more information, please visit www.kickstartmyads.com.